Executive employment in great shape in the second quarter

This is a very concrete sign that the effects of the health crisis on economic activity are fading. The executive employment market recovered in the second quarter, with hiring picking up strongly.

Job vacancies published by the Association for the Employment of Executives (Apec) have returned to their peak levels of June 2019. Confidence is back in companies that need executives to support their business. 14% of them have hired at least one executive, according to the latest figures from Apec, in particular within SMEs. This figure is two points higher compared to the first quarter of 2021, and four points higher compared to the last quarter of 2020. The resumption of hiring is therefore confirmed between April and June, thanks to the rebound in economic activity, underlines the Association. An activity that gives companies confidence: for 26% of them, the second quarter turned out to be better than expected.

Business confidence

Almost 8 out of 10 companies (78%) say they are confident in the development of their activity, which is 13 points better than in the first quarter. This regained confidence should last until the end of the year, underlines the Apec, and this despite a level of uncertainties ” which is not zero “. The Delta variant and its high level of contagion are pushing contaminations on the rise, which could cause new health restrictions. Nonetheless, business uncertainties have “ rather regressed “Compared to previous episodes of the health crisis, according to Apec.

Want to move

As for the executives, the desire for external mobility, that is to say to change company for another, are again at the rendezvous. 12% plan to take the plunge during this quarter, a level that remains stable. However, for more than half of them (51%), this prospect is becoming attractive again: in the first quarter of 2021, they were only 45% to think so. On the other hand, 58% think that it will be difficult for them to find an equivalent job, while a quarter still feel threatened by a dismissal.