Executives fear for their jobs and fear dismissal

In a study published on Wednesday February 3, 2021, Apec estimates that in December 2020, 24% of private sector executives felt threatened by dismissal against 19% in September of the same year.

Executives increasingly fear dismissal

The Covid-19 definitely spares no one. While the Abbé Pierre Foundation announced on Monday February 1, 2021, that young people were afraid of not being able to pay their rent, it is the turn of the Association for the employment of executives (Apec) to teach us thatin December 2020, one in four managers felt “ increasingly threatened by the risk of dismissal “. In a study published Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Apec looks back on the impact of the health crisis on the morale of executives in the private sector. The least we can say is that the impact has been strong.

According to the Apec study, if 24% feared dismissal in December 2020, they were still only 19% in September. Besides this fear of dismissal, 57% of executives, or nearly six in ten, believe that it is unwise to change companies at this time. For Gilles Gateau, director general of Apec, this concern is linked to the instability of the labor market due to the health crisis.

Young people and unemployed executives are the most anxious

Once again, it is young people who are most worried about their future. Executives under 35 were 28% to fear dismissal in December 2020 against 25% among executives aged 55 and over. In addition, according to Apec, in December 2020, executives were 23% ” to work in a company that has laid off employees or announced future layoffs since the start of the pandemic »Against 19% in September 2020.

There is also great concern among unemployed executives. In December, 76% feared they would not find a job because “ successive confinements ”And the uncertain evolution of the endemic situation in the country.

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