Exit certificate: compulsory, but not really, but in fact yes? – EconomyMorning

New containment of the population, this time which is not generalized, and new hiccups in series for the government. The rules decided by the executive were once again very unclear, so much so that he had to review his copy from the first day of the new total but partial confinement, that is to say on March 20, 2021. The exit certificate, in particular , was finally deleted… at least, not really.

Exit certificate: why keep it simple when it can be complicated?

When the government unveiled the new version of the compulsory exit certificate for people residing in the 16 confined departments, the misunderstanding was total, and the teasing on the Internet almost as important.

It is above all the obligation to have to print a certificate (or have it on a smartphone) in order to be able to walk within a radius of 10 kilometers around the home without any time limit which had caused misunderstanding. Especially since the sheet offered about 15 valid reasons for leaving.

No certificate but proof of address except …

To put it simply, the executive announced that for outings within a radius of 10 kilometers around the home, the certificate will no longer be compulsory. Instead, presenting proof of address (invoice, taxes, etc.) will be sufficient.

But it remains mandatory for trips over 10 kilometers around the home (strictly within the limit of the department) or for trips that are not subject to a distance limit such as compelling reasons, health or professional.

However, the certificate is mandatory for trips within a radius of 10 kilometers around the home for people who do not have proof of address in their name (which is likely to be the case for many married women) or who are confined elsewhere than at home.

In short: the certificate is not obligatory, if you can attest otherwise, otherwise it is obligatory. Simplification is not really there.

In any case, download the official certificates from the website of the Ministry of the Interior here: