Explosion of the SVOD platform market, containment is not the only factor at play

This year, the SVOD market recorded an increase of 44% compared to 2019 with a record turnover of 855 million euros (i). On the other hand, a study published by Samsung (ii) reveals that, now in the world, the number of people who watch streaming (58%) is higher than the number of people who watch TV (42%). In 2020, a platform like Netflix brings together 6 million subscribers in France!

The SVOD platform market has completely exploded in 2020. An explosion that can be explained by various factors but which has certainly not remained indifferent to the change in the habits of the French during confinement.

The first reason, and undoubtedly the one which does not depend on the current context, is quite simply that television programs no longer meet the demand of viewers and in particular youth and young adults, who prefer more impactful, engaging content. and community.

The second reason is more contextual. Indeed, 2020 is a special year marked by a large-scale health crisis and which has seen measures such as containment put in place, completely disrupting the leisure, tourism and entertainment sectors. Entertainment is not at the forefront in this difficult year and is only saved by digital technology.

Indeed, confinement has, for example, removed all sports supporters from televisions, whose competitions were canceled or postponed. According to the study published by Samsung, they turned to other programs offered by SVOD, especially in relation to sports, rather than to other television programs. A program like The Last Dance on Netflix retracing the career of Michael Jordan whose release date had been brought forward so that he was released during confinement was a huge success with the sports fan public.

SVOD also has a huge advantage over television: the user has access to any of their favorite content whenever they want, where the television programs depend on a specific time slot. During confinement, this obviously makes the difference! The screens are non-stop brought to their users, so that they can when they wish to rest in front of their favorite series. In addition, personalized content recommendation helps maintain proximity with the user who identifies the SVOD platform as the best place to find content they like.

Finally, SVOD responds perfectly to the “everything, now” trend. Indeed, the subscriber can watch the entire series as soon as it is released and is not limited in time to two episodes per week. This dynamic fits perfectly with the trend of current social networks with “spoilers” that must be avoided at all costs, for example.

Finally, if the SVOD market has been able to perform as well during containment, it is partly because the players in this sector have fully understood and targeted current demand. Video streaming platforms have seized the opportunities offered by digital technology and have then succeeded in adapting them to a new generation, adept at social networks, which has never recognized itself in television.

i CNC barometer https://www.cnc.fr/professionnels/etudes-et-rapports/statistiques/barometre-de-la-video-a-la-demande-vadvada–juin-2020_1343425

ii Samsung study, “Behind the Screens insights on game changing viewership trends”

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