Facebook blocks politicians and Le Pen at the border of political life. The 6pm of February 22, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr – EconomieMatin

Facebook blocks policies and the border of political life. Return on the political news of Monday February 22, 2021.

Facebook temporarily blocks the pages of Marion Maréchal and Jordan Bardella

The censorship of social networks continues and this time, it is Marion Maréchal and Jordan Bardella who are paying the price. The former MP and number two of the National Rally saw their Facebook account temporarily suspended after publications of support against the Generation Identity movement threatened with dissolutions.

In a Tweet, Marion Maréchal denounces a growing and ideological censorship on the part of social networks ” Following my message of support to #GenerationIdentity, Facebook has blocked my page, I can no longer post. The GAFAMs are in a process of ideological and political censorship outside any legal framework. “. For his part, Jordan Bardella denounces this temporary suspension ” Facebook arrogates to itself the right to delete my publications defending freedom of expression and denouncing the government’s freedom-killing drift! Until the outright censorship of my page without recourse possible?

A few hours after the publication of these tweets, the Facebook pages of the two concerned were re-established. A speed that questions Marion Maréchal ” My Facebook page has just been unblocked when the restrictions were scheduled for several days. Would the censors realize that they are going too far? “.

Gabriel Attal wants to renew Marine Le Pen at the ” border of political life

The government spokesperson does not mince his words. Gabriel Attal was very virulent towards the president of the National Rally, Sunday February 21, 2021 in an interview given to the Sunday newspaper. So, Gabriel Attal called for Marine Le Pen to be renewed ” at the border of political life “.

Like many, I dream of a second round without the far right, Conversely, I see that our oppositions seek at all costs to weaken us in order to ensure a face-to-face meeting with Marine Le Pen “. Before adding ” Let’s mobilize so that Marine Le Pen is brought back to the frontier of political life by the vote of the French “.

Carrefour CEO opposes “a Covid tax” for large retailers

Guest of BFM Monday February 22, 2021, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, opposed the implementation ” a covid tax »For mass distribution. A tax proposal according to him ” unwelcome “. Alexandre Bompard also wished to recall that Carrefour was already paying ” € 1.7 billion in taxes ” in France.

He considered that it was embarrassing to tax even more the brands which, during the crisis, made an exceptional work effort ” If we make these people pay for being over-immobilized during the period, it bothers me a bit “.

Emmanuel Macron enters the campaign and offers a challenge to YouTubers

The President of the Republic enters into a game of seduction with young voters by launching a challenge to one of the most famous duos of youtubers of France Mcfly and Carlito. Thus, Emmanuel Macron challenged them to make a video on barrier gestures in order to promote them a little more. If this video exceeds the 10 million views mark, the president will participate in a video on their channel and shot at the Elysee Palace.

Published on Sunday February 21, 2021, the video counts nearly six million views in less than 24 hours. A challenge that many see as a way to make themselves accessible to youth in view of the presidential election of 2022.

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