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At the wheel of my state-of-the-art Dacia Lodgy, but the 3 digits in the center of the plate are still 007, which makes the workshop manager of my local Renault scream with laughter every time I hang out there my wheels which gives me “Mr. Bond”, I missed the technological revolution of screens that now populate all modern cars. Tablets, flat screens, touchscreen gadgets and other digital gadgets with integrated “bloutouches” sockets and all the noises.

But it is that there must be semiconductors to help the conductors who would quickly be semiconductors without all their electronic assistance.

We Austin Dacia pilots have none of that, and it’s good that we’ve never been increasing, it avoids managing the decrease, because semiconductors are sorely lacking, and it looks like it’s fine. really last.

Suddenly, at PSA we adapt.

No more digital speedometers in tablet form and make way for the good old analogue needle counter …


Vintage as you wish!

“Peugeot’s astonishing decision in the face of the semiconductor shortage”

LCI title which still cannot believe the decision of PSA, sorry Stellantis now it must be said!

“Since the beginning of the year, the automotive industry has faced a shortage of semiconductors, small electronic chips. Peugeot makes an astonishing decision to continue building the cars.
All over the world, in recent months, the automotive industry has suffered from a shortage of semiconductors. These are small electronic chips that allow you to have a digital counter or even a GPS. So, when other manufacturers put employees on technical layoff for lack of work, Peugeot made an astonishing decision. The group decided to go back. Goodbye to the digital counter in the new 308, here is the needle counter again. Nostalgic fans will be delighted to know that it will be back very soon. Is there a difference? We asked the question to a mechanic ”...

As the mechanic of the report said with the good sense of my workshop foreman from my little Normandy corner, well it’s “like your watch, whether it is digital or with a needle, well … the time is up. even, and well there, for your speed it will be the same »… Nice he did not dare to say that all these i-gadgets apart from constantly breaking down and weakening the reliability of the cars, it is useless, if not is to sell more expensive and to flatter the egos of motorists… “I am somebody at the wheel of this car”.

A lasting shortage and on the side of Taiwan things get stuck …

Yes it gets stuck, because factories made in Taiwan are slipping and it will get worse because there is not enough water … yes water. It’s the drought over there, and the press is already shaking and our manufacturers are panicking …

Finally, no, they don’t panic, they adapt, and very quickly, because otherwise the factories are closed and production stopped.

You also have a fairly enlightening example of how the French state manages a shortage of masks, and that of PSA of managing a shortage of semiconductors.

All the same, all these shortages are quite startling.

Asia holds the monopoly of many productions which are taken into account in the production of final products. The big customers are actually in Asia.

It is therefore the big, the immense, the colossal Asian and Chinese industries which are and will be supplied first. Europe, apart from Germany which still resists, will be laminated and sacrificed by its industrial weakness on the altar of shortages for the benefit of Asia.

Far from relocating, our manufacturers will on the contrary be forced to relocate what remains of factories here in order to be able to find suppliers there.

And that is exactly the Chinese strategy.

Do you want batteries?

Do you want rare earths?

Do you want screens?

Do you want semiconductors?

Put your factory here and you will be delivered.

To put it another way, these shortages are not just related to the coronavirus either.

It is also a choice, a will.

They are partly organized and instrumentalized in the context of a huge trade war.

Game Over for France and Europe.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !