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For at least 20 years now, you have witnessed the dismantling of our country and of what made it its architecture and its backbone. A country is not just an administration and a population. A country is much more than that and without even going into what makes the soul of nations an idea that I clearly prefer to national identity, a country is also a structure, an organization, means, techniques and at the end of the chain the people, men and women who run it.

For a State to have the means, just imagine that it must have… means! Sacred the obvious. A State must be “armed”, equipped, provided.

The barely unacknowledged objective of the generations of mamamouchis who led us without the knowledge of our own free will is to dismantle what makes the power of the French state to organize the impotence of France.

By organizing the impotence of France, we hope that one day the weary people will call for the power of Europe.

It is in this European dream that the nightmare of our country and therefore of the nations lies.

For 20 years, we have been dismantling everything that worked.

EDF? Dismantled.

France Telecom ? Dismantled.

SNCF? Dismantled and now we play and if the trains were private … No country has managed to leave the railway lines to the private sector, because it requires too much capital, in fact the trains are never really profitable. It is a public service. Not a private market.

Education is also in the process of being privatized, health, everything goes there, even the police since now, it is private companies that run the cars called “PV sulphates”.

So obviously everything collapses, everything works less and less well because, in fact, everyone does not care whether it works or not.

The only objective is short-term profit for the next quarter on the stock market!

It is the greatest destruction of nations ever organized in times of peace and otherwise than by war.

This is the greatest betrayal of the people by its corrupt elites, massively and everywhere.

It is the biggest heist in a gang organized by a few hundred hyper-billionaires.

So it makes sense for everything to fall apart, and it was all predictable. All over. In all sectors.

We have opened the borders to products from low-cost countries. It was foreseeable that we would lose our factories.

We are going to open our borders to Chinese electric cars. It is foreseeable that we will lose our car factories!

Have we opened up electricity to competition? Its prices are skyrocketing and infrastructure no longer follows.

We opened up the SNCF to competition. There is nothing more that works and the SNCF is an industrial wreck. No French railway worker would last a day in Japan.

Everywhere you contemplate this disaster.

Until yesterday, when we couldn’t call the fire department or the police!

60% of public spending. 60 !!!

A debt of 130% of GDP.

Deficits of 10% of GDP.

Billions of euros spent every year.

And we are no longer even able to maintain a telecom infrastructure worthy of the name.

There is nothing isolated about this.

It’s been two years since months, the wire of the overhead line which “gives” me ADSL is defective. Two years without internet or telephone as soon as there is wind, storm, rain, or a turtledove who has the excellent idea of ​​landing on the wire and making it move. Two years, and nothing. Calls, letters, nothing, nobody cares, nobody knows what to do anymore and moving a basket is too expensive… you no longer climb the ladder. No problem, make smoke signals, but in high speed !!!

Failure of emergency numbers: “This incident was predictable,” laments the spokesperson for the Association of Emergency Physicians of France

Christophe Prudhomme, spokesperson for the Association of Emergency Physicians of France, denounces an accident that could have been anticipated, and points to the State, which has not taken “its responsibilities” in this very fair article from France Info here .

“What dominates here today is a great anger, because this incident was foreseeable. For many years, we have insisted on the fact that with the proliferation of operators, the liberalization of telecommunications, our systems are not secure. On the other hand, they are not sized up to what we want. In 2015, during the attacks, the standards were saturated. We were promised improvements that were not implemented. During the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, in 2020, the then Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, encouraged the entire population to call 15. Me, I was on call that day -the. At 8 p.m., it was on the television news, at 10 p.m., our switchboard exploded. We have a system that is absolutely not secure. We liberalized telecommunications, we no longer have single state operators, and we absolutely did not manage the fact that in the event of an incident, we needed a back-up system. This backup system does not exist today, so we will have to invest. There is an underinvestment in the essential public services of the 15th, 18th and 17th “.

Was a failure of this magnitude predictable?

“Yes, she was predictable. I have been saying this for years. I lived through the period of France Telecom, PTT, a single public operator. He was our interlocutor, we could discuss with him the security of our system. Today, we have several operators, four major operators, it is very complicated for us. And the State has not taken its responsibilities and has not imposed investments on these operators to ensure the safety of the population. Today, the telephone system is computer driven. We know that IT brings us great benefits, but that these are fragile systems and that it is absolutely necessary, for missions which are essential missions for the population, to ensure that the system is secure. And for that, heavy investments are needed. But between the State which asks us for savings and telephone operators who think only of winning market share, we do not secure the numbers essential for the safety of the population. And that is scandalous ”.

Christophe Prudhomme is right. Totally.

But the state does not give a damn about the population, moreover if the Mamamouchis could not have a population to lead that would be of great benefit to them.

The reality is that the state does not take care of people, the reality is that the state, a cold monster, mistreats the population it should take care of.

What is happening with the pandemic, the lies about the masks, about the dangerousness of the virus, about the treatments, about the side effects of vaccines, from the Chernobyl cloud to all the public carabistouilles, the State never follows the good of the people but its interest.

And its interest is to bring about the emergence of Europe and to build the United States of Europe, it will be necessary to reduce to the rank of a simple province what were formerly called nations.

This is what Emmanuel Macron, the last avatar of a system, has done with immense success. The destruction of the ENA or the prefectural, part of this same need and will to destroy what makes our country work.

It is for this reason that we are falling apart.

Once everything that works has been destroyed, it should come as no surprise that nothing works.

What I wanted to tell you above all is that it is voluntary. It’s desired.

Long live France.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !