Fake health passes on the Internet: they won’t work

With the extension of the Health Pass to other activities, a measure announced by Emmanuel Macron and that the government will vote in Parliament before the end of July 2021, some smart people hope to find a false document on the Internet. Offers, moreover, have multiplied with prices ranging from a few dozen to several hundred euros. But they will most likely be scams.

The QR Code of the Health Pass cannot be falsified

Creating a QR Code may seem simple: it is a series of small squares. But in reality, it is extremely complex: this series of small squares is unique and is created following a very precise logic.. However, in the context of the Health Pass, it is even worse: the creation goes through an encryption key that is not known to the general public.

A person who does not have the encryption key in hand is therefore completely unable to create a valid QR Code. Because this key used to create the valid QR Code is associated with the key that allows you to read the QR Code: if the two do not match, the Health Pass will emerge as invalid.

A scam that is expensive because it involves falsification of documents

There is therefore a good chance that, on the Internet, the few hundred euros paid to obtain a fake health pass are useless. Quite simply, the Internet user will have been ripped off, and there is a very little chance of recourse for him. Difficult to report to the gendarmerie explaining that we tried to buy a false document on the Internet and that we were ripped off.

Why ? Simply because buying and using these false documents is illegal. The buyer risks three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros if discovered.

“Real fakes” exist … but we need a mole in the system

However, there is a possibility to obtain a fake health pass: it must be a “real fake Pass”. It is more complicated, and it requires the intervention of a person within the health system.

A doctor or a pharmacist could theoretically claim to have vaccinated a person and therefore create a real QR Code and a real Health Pass, because they have access to the encryption key. Some scammers claim they can do this, but again the chances of it being a scam are very high.