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The famous handbag brands, such as Chanel and Prada, are references in producing pieces with style and high quality. In addition, they are darlings of fashionistas and responsible for making any look timeless and stylish.

However, it is not just these brands that are booming in the fashion world. For this reason, the Women’s Area created a list of the most popular handbag producers, talking a little about each one. Keep reading and check it out.

Famous Handbags – brands

Louis Vuitton

The LV brand was founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854 in France. The beginning of the production of his products started when Louis started his career as a manufacturer of travel chests, at 16 years old.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854, Maison Louis Vuitton Malletier, located in the center of Paris. It was there that Vuitton created his models of famous bags and purses, with revolutionary, waterproof fabrics.

Over the years, the highest quality products have made the brand become a reference worldwide. In addition, the brand’s bags are super stylish, innovative, and last for generations.


The Gucci brand was founded by Guccio Gucci, in Florence, in 1921. First, he sold travel accessories (bags and suitcases). The products were made with high quality materials and many of the artisans who produced them were part of the family.

With the success of the brand, Guccio expanded its sales and became the favorite among the Italian elite. The brand’s first bag was launched in 1947, the model was iconic and had a Japanese bamboo handle. In fact, this was an idea of ​​the entrepreneur, since at the time products such as fabric and leather were scarce, due to the war.

In addition, the Italian brand is super famous for producing timeless accessories, shoes and clothes. A true worldwide success!


Prada was founded by Mario and Martino Prada in Milan in 1913. The two brothers opened their first store at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, where they sold luxury items such as bags, bags and accessories in leather and imported materials, such as sea ​​lion leather.

The brand expanded in 1919, becoming an official supplier to the Italian Royal Family. In 1978, Prada found himself in a different setting and also with other owners, Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli.

The new owners were responsible for introducing innovative and modern products, which made Prada evolve worldwide, becoming a reference in the creation of famous high quality and luxury bags.

Chanel Bags

Chanel was founded in 1910, by Gabrielle Chanel. First, before opening her store, Gabrielle worked as a clerk at a fabric store. In fact, it was there that she learned the seamstress profession.

Due to her entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to grow, Gabrielle became involved with people from high society. Her partner Etienne Balsan was responsible for inserting her into French society. Soon after, in 1910, her other partner, Arthur Capel, helped her open her first store.

Despite great help, the road to success was not an easy one. First of all, Gabielle sold only hats and accessories. Then, only in the twentieth century, the brand started making clothes. Soon after, Chanel started making her bags, which have a classic, minimalist and timeless design.


Founded in 1925, by Adele Casagrande, in Rome, the Fendi brand is undoubtedly one of the biggest references when it comes to the manufacture of bags. This fame is not of today and comes from 1918, when Adele manufactured leather bags and canvas summer bags, in Via Del Plebiscito.

The brand did not take long to become a worldwide success and, even today, members of the Adele family are responsible for producing and creating modern and innovative handbag ideas, such as the iconic Baguette, Peekaboo, 2Jours, 3Jours and By The Way. In addition, the luxury brand also sells luxury clothing and accessories.

Dior Bags

Founded by Frenchman Christian Dior in 1946, Dior was born out of frustrations. Its founder, Christian, studied political science and after numerous attempts to pursue a diplomatic career, he began to sketch for the Figaro Illustre newspaper.

After succeeding in his creations, Dior opened his own store, The House of Dior, with the help of Marcel Boussac. The brand brought new concepts to the fashion market, inspired by 19th-century fashion.

Success came in 1949, when Dior expanded and partnered with American companies. Then, in 1994 the brand launched its most successful bag, Lady Dior, the name was a tribute to Princess Diana, who, incidentally, loved and used the bag several times.

In addition to this handbag model, the brand has other creations of its own, which are real successes and luxury items.

So, what did you think about knowing a little more about the famous handbags and the brands that manufacture them? In fact, take the opportunity to check out also: Famous brands – 12 most expensive luxury brands in the world.

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