Farewell with the World Health Organization, the US plans to ‘dump’ $ 80 million

The United States is expected to leave WHO on July 6, 2021, after US President Donald Trump accused WHO of becoming China’s puppet in the COVID-19 epidemic, despite the WHO’s denial.

Responding to the incident, on September 3, a WHO spokesman responded to the news agency Reuters “We have made our statements before, WHO is sorry about the US decision to withdraw. We will wait for more specific details and consider it carefully,” said the statement.

According to a joint resolution passed in 1948 by the US Congress, Trump had to give the organization a year in advance of the withdrawal of the United States and pay what Washington owed on its obligations during the current fiscal year to the organization.

Nerissa Cook, deputy secretary of state, in International Organizational Affairs, said the US currently owes WHO about $ 18 million for fiscal 2019 and $ 62 million for fiscal 2020.

But both of these funds will be used to pay the UN to pay for its regular reviews and as money that the US must contribute to the UN.

Lawrence Gostin, a professor at Georgetown Law in Washington D.C., said the act of “no longer contribute to WHO” of America is “unethical … and illegal”.

Professor Gostin asserted that the US must fulfill all its financial obligations and commented that “Mr. Trump is acting unilaterally, not through Congress and illegal”.

Dr. Alma Golden, Administrative Assistant for the US Agency for International Development, said the US has identified partners to continue the global health assistance that this country has provided through WHO.

However, a one-time payment of USD 68 million still needs to be made with WHO to deploy medical assistance in Libya and Syria and eradicate polio in priority countries around the world as these are In an area where WHO still has a unique role to play, alternative institutions are not able to do so at this time “.

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