February 2021 vacation: no confinement or travel restrictions

Prime Minister Jean Castex held a new press conference on February 4, 2021 on the health situation and the pandemic, the last before the start of the expected, and fears, February school holidays. No unpleasant surprises on the horizon for the French: health measures remain unchanged.

The holidays can take place, but ” caution

The government has said it over and over again: the February vacation can take place. The ministers however recalled that a risk existed, and still exists, of a re-containment if the health situation were to deteriorate. Thursday February 4, 2021, this will not have been the case: Jean Castex announced a status quo on health measures.

Circulation of the virus has not significantly increased over the past two weeks », Declared the Prime Minister, which justifies for the government the decision not to change anything. While the 6 p.m. curfew remains relevant, as do the strict rules for travel abroad, ” we have chosen not to limit travel between regions “. However, the executive calls on the French to ” the greatest caution “. The situation could indeed deteriorate at any time, especially because of the British variant.

The French are therefore free to move wherever they want, which will do the population good but could also have a perverse effect: allow the virus, and especially the variants, to spread in areas where they are not present.

Containment is always an option

With a number of contaminations which does not decrease, 23,274 on February 4, 2021 according to Public Health France, or 3.27 million cases in all, and nearly 78,000 deaths, the pandemic situation that France is still not resolved. The government does not rule out having to redefine.

This solution “ would mean the closure of many of our businesses and educational institutions », Recalled the Prime Minister. “ The situation does not justify it to date: our level of incidence is certainly high but it is still much lower than what it was last October, even though we are still screening as much.

Containment 3 is therefore still in the boxes: if we are forced to, we will not hesitate to take our responsibilities “.

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