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The February holidays are fast approaching for the pupils of zone A who will be on leave from Friday 5 February in the evening. Faced with the uncertain health situation, it is difficult to plan anything, yet the government is trying to be reassuring.

The sword of Damocles from ” for the moment

If the government wants to be reassuring about the health situation and encourages households to plan their February holidays, a sword of Damocles is held over the heads of the French, the ” for the moment »Added in each sentence wanting to be reassuring. Asked by BFMTV, Tuesday February 2, 2021, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, did not derogate from this rule.

Asked about the possibility of moving between regions during the holidays, the Secretary of State had a cautious response:For now, the French can leave recalling that for the moment, there was no ” restrictions on movement between regions, except for overseas regions “. The “for the moment ” strike again. However, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne prefers that the French know what to expect, reminding them in particular that “ if at some point there is a runaway »Epidemic, new restrictive measures could be implemented.

The Deputy Minister in charge of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon, also split a little ” for the moment »Referring to the February school holidays. “At the moment, there are no traffic restrictions. (…) Holidays can take place. After of course, as you know, our decisions change every day, every few days as the virus evolves. (…) Things can always change ” she explained on BFM / RMC.

Holidays maintained ” for the moment »But no ski

If there are holidays, the ski lifts will not be part of the game. Despite requests from stakeholders in the mountain sector, the government decided to keep the ski lifts closed during the month of February, the situation will however be reviewed for the month of March. The scenario of a white season for ski resorts is however dangerously looming on the horizon.

If the lifts are closed, it is still possible to spend your holidays in the mountains but you won’t have to rely on the chairlifts and gondolas to reach the top of the slopes, you will have to climb with the sweat of your brow.

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