Feeding your cat: 8 mistakes not to make

You love your cat and want to bring him the best. To maintain good health, appropriate food is essential.

Believing they are doing the right thing, some cat owners make some mistakes that can impact their pet’s behavior, or alter their health. We present to you the 8 mistakes not to make when feeding your cat, because an informed owner is worth two!

Mistake # 1: Give her milk to drink

This is the # 1 mistake made by many cat owners, and advertising for certain feline brands in their day is arguably responsible for it. But let’s face it and repeat it, milk food is not suitable for cats!

Poor in proteins and lipids, but too rich in fats and sugar, cow’s milk is simply to be banned. The same goes for milk from goats and all other animals, as well as vegetable milks.

The only milk tolerated is veterinary milk powder specifically designed for kittens whose mother cannot breastfeed. Even the milk from the cat department in small bottles is bad enough for him. In short, give him cool water, that’s all he needs to hydrate!

Mistake # 2: Feeding him dog food

It’s a fact that dog food is generally cheaper than cat food, primarily because it comes in larger packaging.

However, dog food is not suitable for tomcats. Indeed, the dog’s diet has naturally evolved over the decades in contact with humans, while that of the cat has remained identical to his instincts.

As a result, dog food often contains too many grains, vegetables or even fruits, which are not digestible for cats and completely disrupt their body.

Mistake # 3: Choosing Affordable Foods

Who says low price does not necessarily mean bad quality. Indeed, the price of croquettes and pâtés can increase significantly for marketing, advertising budget or brand awareness reasons.

However, low cost kibble is rarely a good choice for your cat. You just have to read the labels to verify it: very little protein, a lot of animal residues, ashes, additives, etc.

For the health of your choice and its nutritional balance, prefer the food offered by your veterinarian or the so-called premium croquettes, made up of a majority of meats and without cereals, available in pet stores, on specialized websites but also in many supermarkets.

Mistake # 4: Give him your table scraps

A cat is not a hen, one has hair, the other feathers. Joking aside, cats are not omnivorous like their master, but carnivorous. As a result, they need a diet adopted to their needs.

Giving him table scraps gives him bad habits, but also impacts his health. Too rich, too fatty, too salty, too sweet, your mustached companion risks nutritional deficiencies and is exposed to high obesity.

Mistake no.5: constantly changing the menus

Constantly varying his diet, alternating between brands, kibble and wet foods can quickly make your cat sick. Can follow diarrhea, constipation, loss of health.

The taste sensitivity of the cat is much less fine than ours, and it does not suffer from the monotony of food. On the contrary, he is used to eating the same thing and is satisfied with it once he finds his favorite food.

If you need to change the brand of kibble for example, go slowly to avoid digestive problems, by gradually mixing its old kibble with the new ones over two weeks.

Mistake # 6: Overdoing Treats

You think you will please your cat by offering him treats every day, but these are added to his usual food and can quickly lead to obesity, especially since they are often too rich.

If you really want to give him this extra in his diet, prefer store-bought treats to your table scraps. Preferably include them in his daily rations, by reducing his daily ration of kibble for example.

But if you really want to improve the life of your cat, prefer to offer him a session of games or cuddles, it strengthens the bonds, it makes you happier, and it is guaranteed without any calories.

Mistake # 7: Give Him Only Raw Meat or Fish

It is true that the cat is carnivorous, and that meat covers most of its nutritional needs. However, in the wild, your cat does not catch a steak or a slice of ham, but small mammals and birds, and occasionally a fish.

The latter of course contain animal flesh, but also offal, and leftover meals made up of plants, cereals and minerals. To fully meet your cat’s needs, forget about the 100% meat diet.

Additionally, raw meat and fish can contain toxins and parasites.

Mistake # 8: only serve him one or two meals a day

Unlike dogs, who are often incorrigible and greedy, most cats are very good at regulating their appetite. This is why it is better to distribute their food to them all at once, they will go and eat as soon as they feel the need.

To preserve all the flavors and avoid attracting flies, you can invest in a kibble dispenser, very practical if you have to be away for a few days.

On the other hand, if your tomcat is gluttonous, which can happen mainly because of stress or boredom, do not give him more than the ration recommended by the manufacturer to avoid obesity, and try to find the origin of his discomfort.