Fewer conventional ruptures in 2020 – Economy

The health crisis has also had an impact on the number of conventional ruptures, evidenced by the latest figures from the Ministry of Labor. But from one confinement to another, the situation is very different.

For the first time since the creation of this system in 2008, the number of conventional ruptures has fallen. La Dares, the statistics service of the Ministry of Labor, reports that 424,000 signed during the last year, or 4.4% less compared to 2019., explain The echoes. It was during the first confinement that the number of conventional ruptures fell sharply: 40,000 less over these three months, with strong variations (-13% in March, -58% in April and -42.5% in May) . 70,000 ruptures were recorded by the administration during this period.

A decrease of 4.4%

The contrast is significant with the second confinement in November. During the fourth quarter, the number of ruptures increased by 5% year over year. By removing the figures for March, April and May, the increase in this device would have been 6.8% in 2020 (+20,000). In any case, the number of job seekers directly resulting from this procedure has hardly changed: Pôle Emploi recorded 140,500 in 2019, then 138,700 in 2020.

To change life

The explanation for the difference between the two confinement periods is multiple. First of all, disguised layoffs: they were able to increase sharply in the last quarter when the public authorities began to ease measures to support the economy. There is also the desire of the French to “change their life”, in a health context that prompts them to question their priorities. The contractual termination allows an employee to benefit from unemployment compensation from Pôle Emploi, and the employer to avoid legal proceedings.

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