Fiber: to claim is to obtain – EconomyMorning

Subscribers to the Internet by fiber, prick up your ears. If you are struggling several times a day with your internet connection, La minute éco du jour is for you.

An internet connection not always at the top

According to the telecoms gendarme, 20 to 30% of new fiber customers end up with a connection that does not work properly, when it simply does not work at all.

We are not talking here about the difference between the measurement of the promised speed and the real speed, but about serious connection problems.. It’s streaming television that suddenly stops working, or Netflix or Amazon Prime. And five minutes later, it’s working again. These are the browser pages that sometimes open, sometimes don’t. These are the emails that have trouble getting through, and that sometimes have to be relaunched several times.

Contact customer service or change operator

All of these symptoms are symptoms of a faulty internet connection, and yet when you call your carrier’s customer service and they perform a test, obviously everything is fine. Or he discards himself by asserting that the problem does not come from him, but from the owner of the fiber network which he borrows.

All of this you just don’t care about, and it’s not your problem. The important thing, however, is that you know that you are not alone in facing these difficulties.

Don’t let go, claim, claim, and claim again. And especially do not hesitate to change operator : The new one may be able to connect correctly.

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