Financial cost of the antiCovid strategy applied to children and adolescents in France – Episode 2 – Economy

Gibraltar (34,000 inhabitants)

In this microstate, the vaccination of the entire population was followed by a four-fold increase in contamination and a 19-fold increase in mortality (from 5 to 95).


are a small country of about 100,000 inhabitants whose main resource is tourism. They had been relatively spared by the epidemic and had, after 9 months of epidemic, only 502 confirmed cases and one death. Vaccination began in early January 2021 and after the injection of nearly 140 million doses, the overall vaccination coverage rate exceeds 70% and approaches 90% in adults.

But 6 months after the start of vaccination, the toll rose to 12,466 confirmed cases (+ 2,500%) and 42 deaths (+ 4,100%) and the number of new weekly infections remains twice as high as before vaccination. And the Seychelles have since the vaccination undergone their first lockdown.

A comparable post-vaccination surge was observed on the Isle of Man or the number of cases has almost quadrupled in the weeks following vaccination

And such catastrophic post-vaccine developments have affected more than thirty countries.

The very disturbing example of Great Britain

This country is cited everywhere as an example of the effectiveness of vaccination by the media and its government which never mentions either the early post-vaccination hecatomb that followed the vaccinations, or the overall results attested by the WHO and very little the current resumption of the epidemic that vaccination was supposed to prevent.

Let’s take a look at the facts, the official WHO figures.

Great Britain is the European champion of vaccination. The vaccination campaign began on December 8, 2020 and reached more than 62% of the population. But, one month after vaccination, the months of January and February 2021 set the monthly mortality records alone totaling nearly a quarter of British mortality attributed to Covid since the start of the epidemic.

After this post-vaccination hecatomb, vaccination officials and the English government boasted of the low rate of contamination that followed at the same time as the epidemic was also regressing in Europe (-85% since April 2021) in the vaccinated countries, as in countries with very little vaccination.

But since May 2021, despite its record rate of vaccinated, an increase in daily contamination (+ 300%) is observed in Great Britain proving that a very high vaccination coverage rate does not protect the population of the resumption of the epidemic.

On June 17, 2021, highly vaccinated Great Britain had more than 10,000 new daily infections, four times more than in France (two times less vaccinated) demonstrating that the hope of a group immunity with the current pseudos vaccines is an illusion.

Likewise, the hope of avoiding a new wave by vaccination is illusory because the recent upsurge of the epidemic in Great Britain shows the ineffectiveness of the current vaccine against the new variant, as is usual with influenza vaccination.

Real effective vaccines (diphtheria, poliomyelitis, etc.) fully protect the vaccinated and prevent the transmission of the disease. This is not the case with current pseudo-anticovid vaccines. So why this false propaganda for the vaccination of adolescents who would cost around 160 million € (in addition to the 5.2 billion planned) to public finances and so many tragedies for adolescents?

Fortunately, the epidemic has disappeared from France since April, long before a hypothetical effect of vaccination can explain it.

So why take the risk of vaccinating adolescents, when this vaccination can bring them no personal benefit, and the clinical results in the most vaccinated countries are very worrying (in particular the problem of myocarditis)?

€ 35 billion wasted on testing, more than 15 billion € by the closure of schools, 30 billion € for the masks, more than 5 billion € for the pseudo vaccines, more than 100 billion € for the confinements: the ” whatever it costs »Measures without scientific justification directly threaten the economic future of the nation.

It is time for the mismanagement of corona madness to end and for a strategy respectful of the scientific facts of the real world and of the doctors in the field to be adopted to allow the economy to restart normally.