Floor prices to save French farmers

Guarantee a non-negotiable floor price for farmers. This is the courageous proposal of Serge Papin, the boss of Système U. He has simply submitted a report to the government, pushing it to legislate on the subject.

Poorly paid farmers

We know that today, many farmers and especially breeders sell their products at a loss, because their customers do not give them a choice. It would therefore be sufficient to force the agribusiness giants and purchasing centers to “pay the price” to French farmers so that everything is back to normal. The problem is the word “French farmer”.

Small, 40 years ago already, I remember the breeders who fought against the lambs imported from … New Zealand. Legs which therefore traveled nearly 20,000 kilometers to end up on our plates at Easter! At the moment, you can buy avocados from Peru and strawberries from Morocco in the markets. First-price Emmental cheese comes more and more often from Germany, which has now overtaken France in terms of milk production volume, whereas we had always been number 1 in Europe until now.

Buy French to save agriculture

However, yes, competition from farmers and breeders around the world is obviously one of the main causes of the dramatic situation in which our French farmers and breeders find themselves. With higher charges, and administrative and health constraints beyond compare with what is practiced elsewhere, even simply among our Spanish neighbors, the battle is not being played on equal terms.

Well done to Serge Papin from Système U for putting the subject back on the table. But we will have to go further: to save French agriculture, buying French first is now essential. It is a question of national sovereignty: a country dependent on others to feed its inhabitants is a weak and fragile country. This is one of our last assets, let’s not spoil it!

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