Food industry says food packaging will be the main trend in the food industry

The food industry has been going through fascinating years. On the one hand, changes in consumption habits put constant pressure on manufacturers. On the other hand, new social and legal requirements in terms of ecology are pushing the industry to reinvent itself. Thus, the issue of food packaging seems set to be the main trend in the food industry.

The food industry faces the challenge of adapting

For the food industry, adapting to the needs and desires of consumers is a frantic race. Most companies are faced with a major difficulty: it takes them 18 months to develop a product that meets a new expectation. However, 18 months is a long time. By the time the product hits supermarket shelves, it is often already too late to hit the market.

This is partly why the issue of food packaging has taken on an increasingly important place. First, many laws accelerated its transformation. Then it represents a good opportunity for the industry to meet consumer expectations without running the risk of always being late. There are many innovations in this area and the trend of consumers to choose responsibly packaged products is stable.

Take-out has exploded for a year

Unsurprisingly, the take-out food sale exploded during the year 2020. The trend has not changed since the start of 2021. The reasons for this very significant increase are easy to understand. Containment and curfews, accompanied by the closure of dining rooms, obviously pushed the French to order take-out food.

Take-out has thus enabled the food packaging sector to grow extraordinarily. In a few months, the market took off and now represents an essential part of the food industry sector. No wonder it is now considered the top trend to watch in the industry.

The food packaging sector benefits from innovations

Food packaging was already more and more important before the health crisis and the explosion of take-out. Why ? Because the question of its ecological impact had led to the creation of new laws, but not only. Nor is it because food packaging has succeeded, in record time, in offering new high-quality ecological solutions.

Indeed, for several years, the food packaging sector benefits from numerous innovations which are not all part of the ecological effort. The trend is towards functional foods, that is to say, easy to eat in all circumstances and good for your health. By extension, food packaging had to adapt in order to suit this new search for efficiency.

As a result, there are hundreds of innovations and they are all smarter than the next. Mostly, they participate in an important virtuous circle for the food industry. The trend is towards functional foods and packaging that responds positively to this trend. Developing good packaging therefore makes it easy to follow trends and react quickly to them.

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