For a kitchen with pep: 6 colors to inspire you

Do you want to bring color to your kitchen? You can either redo it entirely, or equip it with new accessories or you can also repaint or rearrange the cupboard doors. Currently there are even kitchen offers where the fronts are interchangeable. This means that you can give your refrigerator a new look at any time.

A bit like with interchangeable glasses, you then have a kitchen with a changing atmosphere, to adapt according to your mood or according to the season! Another way to add color to your kitchen is to use colorful kitchen appliances and accessories. Do you want some pep? What if you treat yourself to a multifunction robot in dynamic color? Here are 6 bright color tips you could use to spice up your kitchen.

1 – Sun yellow

Yellow is certainly not the first color that comes to mind when you want to give a kitchen a boost. Yet with all the positive evocations it carries with it, it is a color that suits your kitchen perfectly. At the same time dapper, sunny, inspiring, it brings gaiety. It is a color that can be used to create nice contrasts. You can combine it with light colors or dark wood. Depending on the color you choose to add to it, it creates a different effect. If you go for a warm yellow – sunny yellow or mango yellow, your kitchen will immediately look warm and inviting. Nothing prevents you from going for a cooler yellow, but in this case, your kitchen will look more minimalist. The color yellow gives enthusiasm, brings in the sun and therefore the energy and the desire… to cook, why not? It is the color of new challenges, a bright and friendly color. She invites family and friends to get together.

2 – Bright orange or apricot

Whether you go for a retro or modern look in your kitchen, orange is a warm color that creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. As a mixture of yellow and red, orange has a warm effect as well as an uplifting effect, especially if you choose a bright, shiny orange – used without adding white. Because pure orange attracts all the attention, while a more pastel apricot will appear calmer and more subdued. Either way, orange will make your kitchen more welcoming. Plus, orange is said to stimulate appetite, making it an ideal color for this room. Of course, keep in mind that if you put orange all over the place, your kitchen might look smaller. The orange color should therefore be used sparingly. It is ideal on accessories because it highlights them and draws attention to them.

3 – Kitchen in pink and pastel tones

Put on your glasses and see life in pink! This gives a pleasant atmosphere to your kitchen. The next time they visit you, your guests will feel right at home in this atmosphere. Choose color-matched chairs, modern lighting, and the right kitchen accessories with pops of fresh color. Dare to use sorbet color! Because whether it’s pink or pastel shades, it must be said, they are tender, joyful and remind us of delicious scoops of ice cream in summer. If you want to add some color to your kitchen, but don’t like it too flashy or colorful, you’ll be glad you can choose a kitchen with pastel colors. Because pastel colors are much more subdued and therefore attract less attention. Your kitchen is designed with lots of pizzazz, but thanks to these subtle colors it doesn’t look too bright. Cozy or romantic cuisine for you …

4 – Ocean blue

What if instead of bringing the sun into your kitchen, you introduce the sea? For you, happiness means spending time at the water’s edge? So bring the blue of the South Seas into your kitchen! With blue seats and cabinet fronts in shades of blue, you are almost guaranteed to hear the sound of the waves in your kitchen! Choose the right blue, warm enough. Otherwise, by opting for a cooler blue, you risk completely changing your style and getting a more industrial vibe.

5 – Green for a kitchen full of vitality

Shrubs, flowers, forests and meadows – green is the color of nature and represents vitality, liveliness and energy like no other. If you want to bring nature into your home, you can opt for a lively green kitchen. A fresh and lush green has a soothing and relaxing effect. This color has a regenerating effect, promotes satisfaction and can contribute to inner balance. Green kitchens – it can be a very light, very light green, thus ensuring a harmonious atmosphere and ensuring pleasant meals. Green is a so-called secondary color, which results from the mixture of yellow and blue colors. For this reason, color has a particularly broad color spectrum. From light lime green to dark fir green, anything is possible – and each of these colors has its own charm.

Finally, the ingredients, which are the basis of culinary pleasure, also attract attention with their bright green tone. If the green of the vegetables harmonizes with that of the kitchen, then the desire to spend time in your kitchen will only be increased tenfold!

6 – Warm and expressive red

The color of love and fire settles in your kitchen! In this way, you can perfectly express the love for the kitchen (and for your kitchen), which cannot be missed. With the color red, you give your room a particularly warm and expressive appearance. Red is synonymous with vitality, because a large number of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers or strawberries, only develop their full taste when the fruit is red and ripe. The red color will give your kitchen strength and expression. A red wall or a red ceiling will bring energy to your interior.