Forbidden to dogs and non-vaccinated !! – EconomyMorning

Do not put the president on a bad rap by engaging in haphazard comparisons to WWII and the camps. Let us do him that justice at least, because he does not know in reality, him, any more than the others who he condemns. Young people over 12 who do not die of Covid but who will die from the vaccine as shown by the example of Malaysia, or the unvaccinated whom he does not want to deport, but just their “life rot” . Or maybe he will save the lives of as many people as possible with his all-vaccine… Who knows.

Adolf Hitler did not ruin the lives of Jews. He was killing them. Having said that, it had started with a few “differentiation” measures.

Let’s resume and reflect. In fact…

It is not a medical question.
It is not a vaccine question.
It is a philosophical question.

It is a question of freedom and respect for everyone.

I am afraid of the reasoning that we are served.

We must “rot life”, “make life impossible” for our unvaccinated fellow citizens.

We must make “pay the unvaccinated” because they could be bitten, so not paying for their care would be normal.

I do not know if you realize that one could apply these reasonings to all the others, to all the communities, to the religions or to the ways of life.

You are fat ? Paying the Cost of Your Obesity, Are You Eating Too Much? Ban wholesale access to shopping centers and fast food outlets.

Are you an alcoholic? Pay the cost of your alcoholism.

You can replace “unvaccinated” by all the other words, because if we accept this totalitarian drift, then freedom will never come again in this country where all the “temporary” laws are still and most hypocritically in the world, translated in the legislation in a definitive way.

You will have total social control.

This country is like China.

It proceeds like China.

Our country is no longer a democracy, because one day, not so long ago, you will have these kinds of restrictions in the name of as well as security.

Forbidden to ex-prisoners.
Forbidden to carriers of the AIDS virus.

I will not wait for the July 21 date announced by the President.

The total and unlimited consumer strike.

He praised the recovery, it will collapse and crumble before his eyes.

Vaccinate, vaccinate… well, save, save again. Put some pennies aside. You can get vaccinated elsewhere, again no one today knows who will be right or wrong. The vaccinated or the unvaccinated, we are kept in the night and fog … So I would never tell people not to be vaccinated, because I do not know if they could not die from this virus tomorrow. It’s obvious. Again, the topic is not vaccination. It’s freedom.

From this day forward, and because I am a very peaceful boy, I will apply the consumer strike in all circumstances.

I will not visit any shopping center. No restaurant. No museum, no amusement park.

Whether I am vaccinated or not, because it is not a question of vaccination.


I know my story. I know the story.

All fascisms begin with the dehumanization of a category

All fascisms begin by dehumanizing a category of the population, whether they are Jews, whether they are anti-communists, whether they are against the junta, whether they are homosexuals, whatever.

When a state dehumanizes a category of its population, it is never fair.

When a state demonizes part of its citizens head on, then you are faced with a major drift.
I can get vaccinated tomorrow or maybe I already am, that is not the point. I don’t have a lesson to teach anyone one way or the other.

It is dehumanization which is the prelude to all violence, which makes it possible. Because in the end the other deserves it, he has looked for it.

What is certain, however, is that all those who were wondering which camp they would have been on during the last World Cup, the answer has just been given in a very clear manner.

If you find it legitimate to demonize some of your fellow citizens, then you would have found plenty of other things, in other times and under other skies perfectly normal. From Pol-Pot’s Cambodia to Stalin’s USSR, or to the Argentina of the military junta, the world never lacks informers and collaborators.

Never forget.

It is not a question of vaccination.

It is a question of freedom and democracy.

It is also a question of constitutionality.

If you want to sacrifice freedom and the Constitution on the altar of false health security, then you will not have health security, and you will lose freedom forever.

Because yes, my friends.


Freedom has a price, which is what some sometimes abuse it to your detriment, which is why we have laws, justice and police.

But, we are not a little free, as we are not a little pregnant, or a little equal.

We all are or not at all.

This story is pure madness.

Covid kills.


But what Macron announced last night is the end of equality for all before the law, it is the stigmatization of half of the population, it is vaccine coercion, it is, the same behavior than that of the Chinese president.

It is also, even more serious, the abolition of all our constitutional principles, including the notion of state of emergency, of emergency laws.

This country has just returned in the night, July 12 of the year 2021.

Save this date.

It will go down in history.

The big story.

It is actually now that it all begins.

If we want to avoid the digital and health dictatorship, whether we are vaccinated or not, we cannot and must not accept the destruction of our Constitution.

July 12.

The Constitution has been totally flouted in his mind.

He doesn’t realize it, but the economic, social, and societal repercussions will be enormous. Considerable. And also very disturbing.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !