Foreigners no longer buy France’s debt! – EconomyMorning

In 2015, according to Agence France Trésor which is a very conspiratorial source that I will nevertheless take the liberty of citing and on which I modestly (and ironically of course) suggest that you rest the following reflections.

Do not forget all the same in passing, that if you want to: “see for yourself, research for yourself, verify for yourself, or even think for yourself”, you do not demonstrate critical spirit that our teachers of yesterday (I speak of our teachers) tried to teach us, but of “conspiracy”. Sic transit gloria mundi. “Thus passes the glory of the world” as my Latin teacher taught me.

So after this little “treacherous” remark with regard to all the soft, the cowardly, the self-righteous, the obedient and the zealous parrots of the media who have unplugged their brains for immediate comfort, let’s study the latest bulletin of the Agency France Trésor that you can download by clicking on the link right there: 373_Monthly bulletin June 2021

Foreigners no longer want our debt!

Notice I understand them, I would not lend a single one of my kopecks to this dreadful state that the French state has become, as authoritarian as it is expensive, for an increasingly pitiful service.

As I told you, we export our oaks to China but we keep the acorns to which we have given a little too much responsibility in recent decades.

The first graph shows you that in 2015 61.9% of French debt was held by foreigners.

In 2021, this is only 49.8%. Even more than half.

The second table shows you that 25.30% of the debt is held by “Others (French)”. A priori, this is essentially the Banque de France through the buybacks of public debts which are officially carried out by the ECB, but in fact, by each national central banks which are part of the ESCB which is the European system of central banks.

You can remember that no one wants French debt anymore.

This is not good news, but I am not surprised.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !