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Today, a light and playful subject that will change us from the heaviness of recent times although it will not change the case.

Last year I told you about my cats, well my kittens, and the fact that they joined my team of economists in the attic, with two hens, the black one, alias Charbon, and the white one called… Snow. I know it’s not very original, but you will see that even like that for the 5 of us (between cats and chickens) we hold the dragee high for the Bercy teams.

For the record, the story of Golden Parachute …

Bruno le Marie will welcome a new cat in Bercy.

Yes, this is the news of the day, which we could not miss.

France has never had so much debt.

The deficit is abysmal.

Our businesses at a standstill.

Globalization ? Mortiferous.

Monetary sovereignty laminated which makes us dependent on the decisions of the ECB and Germany to finance our debts or not.

Our assets and other family jewels are sold at low prices to the highest bidder, or more generally to the best friends.

Our fellow citizens are unemployed by the millions.

And I’ll spare you some of the best.

But, good people know it, Bercy’s cat is dead, long live the cat!

It’s official. “Olive, Bercy’s cat, died after 22 years in the ministry. Bruno Le Maire confirmed on Tuesday that he would adopt another.
Bruno Le Maire will adopt a new cat. The news is something to smile about and yet the Minister of the Economy announced it very seriously in Le Figaro on Tuesday. Because it’s been more than ten days since Bercy lost its mascot ”.

Olive, the alley cat who lived for 22 years in the walls of the ministry, has died. Benjamin Rosmini, ministerial adviser, announced it in a tweet and Bruno Le Maire cracked an Instagram post.

Arrived just after the departure of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 1999, Olive has seen dozens, even a hundred, of ministers. Before Bruno Le Maire took up residence in 2017, breaking the longevity record of Christine Lagarde (2007-2011), recalls Le Figaro.

Olive will therefore be replaced. “I plan to adopt another one. I don’t know what cat it will be yet. [….] But there will be a new cat in Bercy, ”Bruno Le Maire assured Tuesday.“.

Hello, I spoke about Olive le chat with Bruno Le Maire this afternoon. And good news, there will soon be a new owner in Bercy.

– Sasha (@SashaBeckermann) June 1, 2021

Never will an attic cat go to Bercy!

But let it be said to Bruno le Maire, a cat from the attic will never compromise himself in Bercy, and I wanted, officially to reassure you, even if Bruno le Maire tries to offer a golden bridge to Parachute, never he won’t go slipping in the public, and then what for, here he has all the mice and field mice he wants, he has the great outdoors and can telecommute at will.

This is still where we are in France in 2021.

Yes, yes, they are serious …

Where I really thought I was showing humor in talking about my cats-economists, now the Minister of the Economy himself launches into the chateries … Fortunately, we, in the attic of the eco, are here to give real ideas to real mamamouchis, and there is no need to say, when you read these chronicles you are always 1 to two years ahead of the ambient cretinies.

Bercy who?

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !