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Words have meaning. Last year, shortly before the summer, the state paraded with its 100 billion stimulus plan. You remember ?

At the time, I expressed my incomprehension, well, my analysis which concluded that we were not at all relaunching anything.

Words have a meaning, I said, finally, in a normal world.

In a normal world, with normal people, who think normally, you are faced with a crisis.

As long as you are in the crisis you face the emergency.

As leaders, you are therefore called upon to deploy emergency aid plans.

Then, when the crisis is over, when the dust settles and we contemplate the damage after the storm, we roll up our sleeves and rebuild. Applied to politics, it is after the crisis that decision-makers can put in place a recovery plan.

Last summer, there was nothing to relaunch and we knew very well (for those who think 5 minutes outside of BFM) that we would have several peaks of contamination and several more confinements.

I had therefore concluded, that all this was essentially hogwash and window dressing, communication intended to occupy the available brain time of the kind viewers of BFM. Of the 100 billion announced between what was to be paid by Europe but which was not, knowing that France gives 80 billion to the European Union which gives us 40 for our recovery plan by imposing on us… austerity rules and counterparts on the money that we have given him ourselves!

But you are right.

It is indeed Europe.

We need even more Europe, even more of the madness that is destroying us.

And then the rest of the 100 billion was recycling credits already decided.

In short, at the end of the day, I was saying at the time that if the epidemic started again the recovery plan would be an emergency plan, and that if it got better it would not change much, and then that in all case we would probably have another plan, then another, and one more.

“The government is no longer ruling out a second stimulus plan”

And here we are!

After a year, as summer 2021 approaches, “The President of the Republic relaunched the debate on Friday by evoking a” great consultation “in the coming months to” invent a second phase of the revival “.

Will the French economy need a second stimulus plan? If for the government, the priority remains to spend the 100 billion already planned, Emmanuel Macron has put the subject back on the table, while certain economic and political actors are calling for more to be done.

The President of the Republic relaunched the debate on Friday by evoking a “great consultation” in the coming months to “invent a second phase of the revival”. He did not specify whether the State was going to release additional resources, but referred to “a drastic simplification, a reinvestment in the sectors we need the most and an acceleration”. Emmanuel Macron intends to consult local elected officials and economic players during the summer.

The French Economic Observatory (OFCE) estimated at the end of January that France could double the current stimulus plan by taking advantage of the current favorable debt conditions. François Bayrou, High Commissioner for Planning also pleaded for a “reconquest of the French productive apparatus” thanks to the mobilization of 200 to 250 billion euros.

A few days ago, the president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux estimated that the recovery plan should be completed in a “significant” way for the sectors in difficulty by the crisis. After the announcement of the deconfinement schedule, the head of the Federation of Commerce, Jacques Creyssel, asked him on BFM Business for a second stimulus plan which concerns “in priority the sectors which have been the variables of adjustment, in particular trade” .

The same causes produce the same effects !

We are leaving our borders open, we are accelerating our deindustrialization, we are importing our electric cars from China, we no longer have semiconductors, we no longer even produce our parquet. We send our tree trunks to China, which sends us back parquet floors sometimes stuck in the Suez Canal. You can read in this edition that our car sales are down by 25%! Normal. We are destroying the entire European automotive sector by moving towards all electric made in China.

So it’s a double hold-up!

These “stimulus” plans are making us poorer.

They are not relaunching anything because we are not producing anything.

We import everything!

A recovery plan in France means benefits for multinationals that produce in China.

But that’s not all.

The other hold-up is European.

The European Union is stealing money from the French to give them back only half, in fact it is even less than half and by imposing unbearable constraints to be able to benefit from our own money.

It is therefore a hold-up of Brussels.

The ruined, the cuckold of history, it is the people of France.

Talk about it, circulate this information, share these articles.

We are in the process of being squeezed to the greatest extent and it is unheard of, forcibly disunited in our diversity and united in the same way in an increasingly shared misery.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !