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François Asselineau in police custody and complicity in incest on the left. Back to the political news of Thursday, February 4, 2021.

François Asselineau in police custody for sexual assault

The former presidential candidate and head of the Republican Popular Union (UPR), François Asselineau was taken into custody on Wednesday February 3, 2021, for ” sexual assault “,” sexual harassment “And” moral harassment “.

François Asselineau is currently questioned about the facts with which he is accused. Two complaints were filed in May 2020 the accession of assault and sexual and moral harassment. The head of the UPR ” has always firmly denied these accusations, which, for the most part, allege facts that allegedly took place even before they were hired », Declared one of his relatives to France Televisions.

Rachida Dati accuses the left of complicity in incest and pedophilia

The mayor of the 7th Rachida Dati did not mince his words Tuesday February 2, 2021 during the Council of Paris. The Paris Council finds itself at the heart of several cases of accusations, rapes, sexual assault. Faced with these cases, Rachida Dati violently attacked the elected representatives of the left, launching “Left accomplice of pedophilia and incest!” “.

An assertion that immediately aroused the indignation of the left which speaks of words ” defamatory “But which did not stop the city council of the 7th century:” Impunity, silence, move around there is nothing to see, it’s a shame! (…) Accomplices of rape, accomplices of pedophilia, accomplices of incest, yes I maintain it ”.

The deputy LFI treated of ” fishmonger »Gets an apology

The deputy La France insoumise Mathilde Panot had demanded an apology and sanctions against the deputy LREM Pierre Henriet who had qualified it as ” fishmonger ”During a heated debate in the Assembly. A “ sexist insult For which the deputy seeks redress.

Via his Twitter account, Pierre Henriet presented a half-hearted apology: “ Mathilde Panot spends her time vociferating in the rostrum and cutting the floor. I was exasperated and my words are in no way an insult even less sexist, it is an expression to denounce his behavior as I do also for his male colleagues. If she feels wrongly insulted, I beg her to excuse me. By the way, I thank his rebellious comrades for the hundreds of insults with which they cover me – on which side then is the contempt? “.

Emmanuel Macron wishes a ” tobacco-free generation »From 2030

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron returned, Thursday, February 4, 2021, to the fight against cancer and smoking, hoping that by 2030 a tobacco-free generation will appear. ” I hope that the generation that turns 20 in 2030 will be the first tobacco-free generation in recent history “.

The President presented an enhanced prevention plan against tobacco and alcohol abuse, particularly among young people. ” The price, the extension of tobacco-free spaces, information campaigns on its toxicity ” And this ” from school Are the best ways to reduce consumption.

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