Fraud: the tax authorities can now consult your social networks – economieMatin

Like 3/4 of French people, you are probably connected to one or more social networks.

The tax authorities will monitor social networks

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok, I voluntarily forget many others, all of them offer different privacy settings. Either the content you publish is only visible to your friends, or rather, your digital contacts. Either you decide to publish in public mode, that is to say that your photos, your videos, your messages are visible to everyone, and are even referenced by Google like any website.

The choice is already not insignificant, depending on the importance, the value one might say, that one attaches to this private data. It’s up to you to decide whether your family photos, or your vacation photos, should be visible to everyone, or reserved only for your friends and relatives. But if you’ve never asked yourself the question before, or if you thought it didn’t deserve to be thought about, here’s something to change your mind: from now on, the tax authorities have the right to consult your profile on all social networks, in order to see if you are living well as you claim in your tax return.

Limited access to profiles

To put it simply, a vacation on an island in the sun when you’re at RSA is suspect. Driving a big sports car when you’re unemployed isn’t much better. Only the tax authorities do not have all the rights. We now know what its limits are : if your profile, your photos, your posts, are published in private mode, that is to say they are reserved for your only virtual friends, they cannot be used.

In theory, they will not even be able to serve as the beginnings of proof, as a basis for further investigation. Whether or not you have something to hide, take a look at your privacy settings. At least you’ll know what sauce you’re eating.

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