French debt per capita will reach 50,000 euros

Once in the Eco Minute, I am going to talk to you about the economy. The real, the pure, the hard, the one that makes everyone sweat.

Per capita debt that could amount to 50,000 euros

From time to time, we have to go through it, to understand what is happening to us. I give you a single number to memorize today: 220 billion euros. This is the amount of the state budget deficit for the current year.

This sum may not mean anything to you, except that it is enormous. But compared to your tax household, tell yourself that it is a bit as if you had borrowed 5,600 euros from the bank to complete your annual family budget.

This sum is added to the debt contracted every year by the State for almost 50 years and which will soon represent 50,000 euros per inhabitant. I said well, 50,000 euros per inhabitant.

The ” whatever the cost »Reaches its limits

220 billion. 5,600 euros. 50,000 euros. There are already too many numbers, and you who are listening to me may already have enough money problems like that; I am very sorry.

But my role is not to be ostrich or hide the dust under the carpet. I am here to explain to you why the ” whatever the cost Will stop soon. And why those who feel that they have not helped enough in recent months, and there are many of them, risk finding themselves unfortunately empty-handed.

Add to that, the current regional and departmental elections, and the Presidential election in less than a year, in other words a period when it is difficult for politicians not to make promises… and you will understand why we did not leave the hostel.

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