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Since François Bayrou announced in early February 2021 that in France we were getting rich from 4,000 euros, the controversy has swelled among elected officials, the media, on social networks and in the cottages.

This awakened what François Hollande had announced in the middle of the 2007 presidential campaign; that he “did not like the rich” and that he was from 4,000 euros of monthly income, which had caused a real outcry.

To know this threshold more precisely, it is necessary to turn to the Observatory of Inequalities, which is certainly one of the most competent in the field.

In its report published in 2020, he estimates that this threshold is 5,205 euros per month for a couple without children and 7,287 euros per month for a couple with two children. For couples with three children the threshold rises to 8,328 euros.

NOTE: These data are calculated after tax.

Another criterion, a “so-called wealthy” person is considered privileged when he receives double the median income, ie 3470 euros per month, still after tax.

Another criterion that can put many people in error is that there are two levels of intermediate wages!

The median salary The average salary

The median salary is obtained by dividing the set of all employees by two. So the salary is in the middle.

The average salary is obtained by dividing the whole amount of wages by two. It is the result of the division.

In October 2020:

The median salary was 1,788 euros per month.

The average salary was 2,238 euros per month.

The median salary is therefore quite lower than the average salary of 25.1%

So from what level are we rich?

Hard to say. Should we take into account the heritage, the number of dependent children or only the income, but also the place where we live…?

INSEE does not calculate a wealth threshold and does not provide data precise enough to be able to answer the question “How many rich are there?” “.

Despite everything, an estimate was made. If we situate the wealth threshold at 3,576 euros per month (double the median standard of living), then there would be 8.4% rich, or about 5.2 million rich in 2019.

With regard to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the average salary in France, all positions combined, amounted to 46,481 dollars in 2019, or 39,250 euros per year (or 3,278, 83 euros monthly).

It can be seen that the threshold below which 90% of employees are located in France rose from € 36,000 in 2004, against € 31,000 in the 1980s. That is 16%, which represents a very moderate increase of 0.66% per year. year. Taking inflation into account, average income has increased by 7% over the past ten years, or a little more. (The 10-year average inflation (2011 to 2020) was 0.89%).

What is interesting is what is left at the end of the month after having settled everything, not to mention the heritage. (for similar types of expenditure)

You can have a large salary and make ends meet very difficult.

You can have a decent salary in Paris and not get away with it, whereas if you are in the middle of the “Corrèze”, you can live well with an average salary!

4.000 euros per month correspond to what?

It is not the same thing when one is in Paris 8th or 21st or in the provinces in the countryside…, for a single person, a couple, with child (ren) X, employed, unemployed, unemployed , RSA, tenant, owner with repayment of outstanding loans, …

A somewhat extreme example: A single person, isolated without activity, with 6 children can receive almost 4,000 euros per month, between RSA, Family allowances, Housing allowance and even in addition benefit from the restaurants of the heart, additional aid town halls, CAF , free transport, …

Is this person rich with 4,000 euros per month?

We can immediately realize that throwing this figure “in the air” necessarily entails very diverse reflections, each one analyzing it according to his personal, professional situation, his entourage …, media, politics, especially when it is. a well-known and more political personality who “advances”!

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