Frost episode: a billion euros aid to farmers

The historic episodes of frost that hit France have brought agriculture to its knees all over the country. A real disaster to which the government very quickly announced that it wanted to respond with aid. Jean Castex, Prime Minister, unveiled the content during a trip on April 17, 2021.

The government puts 1 billion euros on the table

Traveling in Hérault to meet farmers hit by frost episodes, Saturday April 17, 2021, Jean Castex, Prime Minister, wanted to be reassuring. In particular on the amount of aid that the State will release: ” in exceptional situation, exceptional measures. I came to announce a significant state effort up to one billion euros, because the situation justifies it “, did he declare.

Aid should be released very quickly, a first tranche ” within ten to fifteen days ” did he declare. It will be the prefects who will be responsible for distributing them, by targeting in the first place the most affected farmers and the most in financial difficulty.

Measures in addition to existing safeguards

The envelope of one billion euros aims to improve existing aid, in particular in the context of an agricultural calamity, a regime which has logically been released in view of the scale of the phenomenon described as ” worst agronomic disaster of the 21st century »By Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture. The aid that farmers can claim will be increased, but the government does not want to leave anyone on the sidelines.

This is why in the billion euros, a solidarity fund will be created to compensate sectors that are generally not eligible for compensation for agricultural disasters. This is the case for wine growers, in particular, but also for other productions. In viticulture alone, the first estimates speak of a third of the production lost because of the frost, for a shortfall of more than 2 billion euros.