Fruit and vegetable prices are down 8% from 2020

The prices of fruits and vegetables had risen sharply with the pandemic. The Rural Families association highlights that the latter have fallen considerably, returning to the prices before the health crisis.

A 4% drop in fruit prices

The prices of fruit and vegetables are gradually returning to their pre-health crisis level. The Rural Families association reveals in its annual observatory, published on Friday July 30, 2021. Thus, “ after a year 2020, a record in terms of price, most of the products in our basket are returning to values ​​close to those recorded in 2019 », Explains the association.

Rural families believes in its observatory that ” excluding cherries, prices fell by -8% overall between June 2020 and June 2021 “. In detail, fruit prices have fallen by 4% (5% for organic, 3% for others). Vegetable prices plunge 11.5% over one year, 5% reduction for organic vegetables and 18% for conventional ones.

Frost disrupts harvests

The strong period of spring frost was at the origin of a disruption of certain harvests including that of cherries in particular. We can thus observe an 18% increase in apricot prices strongly impacted by frost but also that of 9% of apples. This summer, the melon, very present on the stalls, benefits from a reduction in its prices of 21%.

The association which defends consumers based its results on the analysis of a basket containing eight fruits and ten vegetables. While some products have very high prices, others such as carrots, zucchini, bananas or cucumbers remain accessible to as many people as possible . Rural families campaign for the establishment of a check ” fruits and vegetables »For the most modest, so that all households can claim a healthy and varied diet.