Fuel: which cars are the most economical? – EconomyMorning

Tuesday, January 19, I told you about the brand new display of fuel prices in some service stations … a display in euros per hundred kilometers.

Differences in fuel prices per hundred kilometers depending on the car

This subject made you react a lot. Some of you are shocked that there could be 3, 4, 5 euros or more of a difference per hundred kilometers between two cars. But in reality, it is not necessarily that serious. Follow my reasoning.

Take a used car, bought 10,000 euros, which costs 8 euros per hundred kilometers in fuel. Take another car, new or recent, bought for 30,000 euros, much more economical: it only costs 5 euros per hundred kilometers. A priori, it is the second car which is by far the most economical. Only here, it is in reality totally false.

The second cheapest car

At the wheel of the first car, after 100,000 kilometers, you will have spent 8,000 euros on fuel. Driving the second car, you will have spent only 5,000 euros at the pump. But between the two cars, there is, at the time of purchase, a difference of 20,000 euros!

You understand: the most economical car is actually the first. Not to mention that if you sell either used after a few years, you will lose more money on the more expensive of the two.

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