Fuels: watch out for this new misleading display on the pumps

This is an evolution that could, or could not, take place on the pumps of France and Europe: a new display of the price of fuel. Complementary, and above all not compulsory, it could mislead consumers because… it will not correspond to reality. But as noted 20 minutes on January 14, 2021, it has been authorized since early December 2020: the price of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Supporting the energy transition towards electric motors

European governments, just like manufacturers, show a clear desire to electrify the vehicle fleet: in addition to new models announced by manufacturers, aids, measures, bans are taken regularly so that motorists stop, eventually, driving. ” buy new gasoline and diesel cars. In France, moreover, the sale of new combustion engine cars will be banned in 2040.

However, one of the preferred arguments for highlighting electricity is the price of fuel … and the European Union therefore authorizes, since December 7, 2020, as underlined 20 minutes, a new display that will facilitate comparison : the price of fuel per 100 kilometers, on the pumps. Indeed, it is estimated that the price of “full” electricity is two to three times lower than the price of “full” gasoline, diesel or hydrogen.

Fuels: an advertised price that corresponds to nothing more than an arbitrary average

Thus, according to 20 Minutes, it will therefore be possible for a new display to appear in the weeks and months to come at French pump attendants … although the price per liter remains mandatory. Goal ? Show you that driving 100 kilometers on electric costs only 2.90 euros, against 7 to 9 euros for a conventional engine.

Except that the displayed price will be… misleading: it is calculated according to the three best-selling cars of the year and their consumption, and according to the average fuel price during the three previous months.

However, the actual consumption of a car changes enormously: in addition to the model and the power, the behavior of the user or the type of road make it increase or decrease. A very nervous driving person driving a lot on the highway will consume more than a smooth driving person taking only country roads… and this for the exact same model of vehicle.

The new display is therefore not to be taken into account when calculating your fuel budget, for example: there is very little chance that it will correspond to your reality.

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