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Fundraising Republicans help Trump pursue a legal battle

Fundraising Republicans help Trump pursue a legal battle

President Donald Trump has launched many lawsuits in battle states since November 3 but has yet to produce evidence of large-scale fraud.

US President Donald Trump (left) and Mr. Joe Biden. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

On 3/12, the campaign team of the US President Donald Trump said Republican National Committee (RNC) did Fundraising totaled $ 207.5 million since the November 3 election, as the current president continues to source funding for a court effort to reverse the Democratic candidate’s victory Joe Biden.

According to campaign statistics, the post-election donations brought back to Mr. Trump’s committees totaled $ 495 million between October 15 and November 23.

Immediately after the election, President Trump’s campaign team embarked on sending emails to loyal voters to seek donations to the “Official Election Protection Fund” to serve the legal battle. long.

The current US President and his allies have filed lawsuits in battle states since November 3 but have yet to provide evidence of possible scale fraud. change the results of the election.

In related developments, in an interview with CNN news agency on the same day, President-elect Joe Biden said that Mr. Trump’s inauguration would show that he agrees to transfer power in peace.

Previously, President Trump had ordered the head of the Integrated Services Administration (GSA), Emily Murphy, to begin the process of transferring power to the Biden administration, despite plans to continue pursuing the Legal complaints related to the results of the presidential election on 3/11.

On November 30, Mr. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also announced the senior leadership of the Committee in charge of planning a presidential inauguration, scheduled to take place on January 20. 2021./.

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