Funeral of a pet: what service? What cost?

For many owners, mourning their pet is only possible if they can provide a funeral worthy of the name. To do this, they have the option of contacting a company specializing in funerals for animals offering a wide variety of à la carte services. Let’s take stock of these services and the budget to be expected.

Funeral services for animals: the services offered

A company of funeral directors for dogs, cats and others is authorized to organize the funerals of pets and take care of their progress. They of course offer burial and cremation. It is a common service in the United States, but which is only beginning to be democratized in our country as more and more pet owners use it.

By using an animal funeral director, the owner can thus be completely freed from all constraints resulting from the death of his little companion, but he also finds from these professionals listening, support and useful advice so that the funeral is properly organized and that he can thus to grieve. They are indeed people capable of showing great compassion, which is essential in these difficult times.

The services offered by animal funeral directors are the following :

  • The management of the animal’s remains either at the veterinarian or veterinary clinic, or at the owner’s,
  • Its transport to the premises of the funeral directors or to the place of cremation or burial,
  • The provision of a room specially intended for meditation,
  • Burial (burial), carried out:
    • Either in an animal cemetery,
    • Either on private land.
  • Cremation (cremation), which can be:
    • Collective with the possibility of dispersing the ashes on a specific site by the service provider,
    • Individual, which leaves the owner the free choice to recover the ashes of his animal and to bury them subsequently either in his land or in an animal cemetery.
  • The marketing of urns and ornaments of all kinds such as plaques, tombstones, flowers, vases, frames, funeral jewelry, etc., knowing that they can be personalized.

By entrusting the funeral of your pet to a specialized funeral director, you can be sure that the regulations in force will be followed to the letter.

Funeral of a pet: the budget to plan

For the funeral of his dog, his cat or other small furry or feathered companion, you must provide a substantial sum if you want to go through the animal funeral directors.

  • Removal of the remains and its transport: between 200 and 300 €,
  • Coffin: 30 to 150 €,
  • Collective cremation: 40 to 100 €,
  • Individual cremation: 100 to 180 €,
  • Concession: between 140 and 3,600 €, knowing that it can be renewed for up to 20 years,
  • Maintenance of the concession: € 200 per year.

Note that the prices are extremely variable from one company to another but also from one region to another and can vary almost from one to the double. Several quotes are essential to compare the services offered as well as the prices. They can be obtained through a funeral directors comparator for animals.

All confused, with tombstone or urn and various funeral ornaments engraved according to the wishes of the master, the cost of the funeral also varies according to the species and the size of the animal. Thus, for the funeral of a small breed dog, the total amount is in the range of 900 to 1,800 €. For a cat, it takes around 800 €. But for such a budget, the animal benefits from a high-quality burial.

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