Furnished tourist accommodation: Paris is considering a quota system

Like Barcelona, ​​the French capital is working on a quota system by zones for tourist accommodation.

A quota of furnished tourist accommodation

Airbnb, Booking.com, Tripadvisor and other Abritel-HomeAway will start to shake. Tuesday, April 13, 2021 will be studied at the Council of Paris a measure to impose a certain number of quotas per zone for furnished tourist accommodation. There could therefore only be a certain number of furnished tourist accommodation in the most touristy areas of Paris. Tourist areas described as “tense” because of a lack of housing.

Thus, the text that will be submitted to the Paris Council for study is inspired by the policy implemented by the Spanish city, Barcelona, ​​which is a pioneer in this area. The text provides for ” experiment, in conjunction with the State, a quota system or bans by street or by neighborhood in tense areas of Paris ” and is also one of the proposals of the twenty-six citizens, drawn by lot.

The “tense areas” of Paris targeted

In charge of this file, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing and elected Communist, Ian Brossat explains in more detail the project carried out by the municipality: “ The idea is to launch a study on the subject to see what such a system could look like in Paris. and how useful it would be ” as much as ” if, at the end of this study, this proves to be relevant, it will in any case require a legislative change “.

Among the districts targeted by this future experiment, the Marais, Montmartre and other districts very popular with tourists. However, the measure does not please the players in the sector, whose leader Airbnb takes a dim view of this proposal. The latter recalls that ” the establishment of quotas for seasonal rentals would be illegal ” since “ municipalities do not have the legal powers to implement this type of measure, which discriminates against seasonal rentals “.

However, to compensate for this legal absence, the municipality of Paris wishes to make include in the 4D bill, for decentralization, differentiation, deconcentration, decomplexification, the vote of which is scheduled for this summer, an amendment which ” authorizes municipalities wishing to have the possibility of adapting the regulation of furnished tourist accommodation to local specificities ” .