Gas griddle or electric plancha: advantages and disadvantages

The plancha is the star of sunny days. Ideal for cooking all types of food in a healthy way that respects their nature, it is available in several models. The most economical and practical electric plancha is generally the most popular with individuals.

As for the gas plancha, it is much more efficient and recommended by professional cooks. The Krampouz brand offers both models for example, however, making a choice is not always easy. Let’s take a look at the features, advantages and disadvantages of each.

Gas griddle: features, advantages and disadvantages

The gas plancha is the most efficient model and is the most recommended by professional cooks. Setting it up requires a few small installations, but it turns out to be relatively simple. It is enough to assemble the regulator, the gas hose and to buy a gas cylinder.

The gas plancha rises very quickly in temperature (8 minutes on average to reach 250 ° C) and has several burners to be able to manage different types of cooking independently. With its superior heating power, it allows you to very easily cook foods that are totally different and require varying degrees and times of cooking. Be careful, however, because the satisfactory management of such cooking requires a certain know-how. In addition, the gas plancha is more economical in use since it is possible to operate only certain fires and not the entire cooking surface. Finally, the gas plancha does not emit or very little smoke, which is more pleasant.

On the other hand, you should know that the gas plancha is more bulky than an electric model. It is also heavier and more complex to transport and move since it is followed by its gas cylinder. However, most models are equipped with a suitable cart to transport everything more easily.

The advantages of the gas plancha

  • The gas plancha offers the best cooking quality for all types of cooking.
  • The gas plancha rises more quickly in temperature and is equipped with a higher power.
  • Its installation is simpler since it is nomadic thanks to its energy independence.
  • Its burners are independent to allow different cooking modes depending on the food or to heat only part of the appliance.

The disadvantages of the gas plancha

  • The investment is more important for the purchase of a gas plancha, because this device is more expensive.
  • Heavier to transport, it is not always easy to move.
  • Bulky, it cannot be placed at the table like the electric model. In addition, it is more difficult to store it since it requires space.
  • To operate, the gas plancha needs additional investments, in particular one or two gas bottles and the instructions that accompany them, a regulator and a gas hose.
  • Its use is less secure than that of the electrical device.

Electric plancha: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Very simple to install since it is enough to connect it to the mains, the electric plancha is a light device, more accessible in terms of price and not cumbersome. For more user-friendliness, the electric plancha can indeed be placed on the table or next to it since it comes in multiple sizes. More reassuring in use since it does not require gas, it is still less efficient. Indeed, it rises less quickly and it is not possible to operate only part of the plancha to meet specific needs.

Consequently, one should not wish for very demanding cooking or cook various foods requiring different cooking methods. If the electric plancha is very practical and less expensive, it is reserved for simple and infrequent uses.

The advantages of the electric plancha

  • The electric plancha is more economical than the gas plancha.
  • Space-saving, it can be installed directly on the table or near it. In addition, its reduced size makes it much easier to store than a gas model.
  • Very easy to install, it is a device that works simply by being plugged into the mains.
  • Its use is safer than that of gas.
  • The electric plancha can be used outdoors, but also indoors.

The disadvantages of the electric plancha

  • The electric plancha must be plugged in, which does not allow it to be used on the go.
  • Its power is reduced, almost half as high as the gas plancha. In addition, its rise to power is slow.
  • It is not possible to manage several cooking modes simultaneously with an electric plancha.
  • If it is less expensive to buy, the gas plancha is more expensive to use than the gas plancha.
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