Generation Covid-19: what if temporary employment was the solution for youth employment? – EconomyMorning

Since the 2010s, the temping sector has evolved a lot, welcoming new players and rethinking itself. Unfortunately, it remains for some unrecognized and underestimated. And for young people, it is still a choice that is sometimes not considered because it is polluted by strong negative beliefs. Yet and despite the current context, there is a cruel lack of manpower. If this is still astonishing for those who are not in the employment sector, it is a truth: it is not because there are more job seekers, that there are the workforce in addition. And this is an opportunity for young people who can be confused by the period.

Because the agencies are looking for young people, with a well-made and full head, skills and desires. For example, the new generation is very skilled with digital tools and, at the moment, since even temporary workers have moved to telework, this maneuverability is an asset for them. In France, there are nearly 7,000 employment agencies, which means that the number of companies with which to work is colossal. Interim today is the most direct and the fastest way to get in touch with a company.

Why choose the interim? There are plenty of arguments!

Interim is a very good way to start. The 15/29 year olds represent 40% of temporary workers, which is twice as proportionally as in the salaried part.

The interim is looking for. The market is good and dynamic, despite the context, in our Group we have almost 3,000 vacancies and we are not the only ones.

Interim facilitates employment. It is more difficult for young people to find on their own, with spontaneous applications or in response to offers; with an agency the task is easier. The agency has its portfolio of loyal clients, its entries and is recognized as a responsive and reliable recruitment partner.

The interim provides permanent contracts. Today, in our tertiary agencies, one in two orders concerns a CDI. We are far from the cliché of the interim which would give only “small missions of low qualifications”.

Often, executives and more generally young graduates are demanding and have the impression of regressing by resorting to an agency, it is a shame. And besides, it is not because young people have a bac +5, that they necessarily know what to do with their future. Discover management styles, professional universes to refine their project, test and be tested … this is what the interim allows, and what is more, it is not uncommon for the mission to end with a CDI.

And for young people who would like to work but who have not graduated? They will be trained. It should be known, the interim deploys a very strong training budget. People interested in the business line in which positions are to be filled are identified and then tested on a few missions (only the most determined remain, those who are late or have not shown up for half a day are thanked). Then a training is set up, which will be paid to them, and the recruits are placed within the companies. If all goes well, the CDI-interim can be offered. Moreover, more than 100,000 TT CDIs are signed in France each year, all companies combined. This is all the more interesting and true for difficult jobs for which there is certainty: temporary workers will necessarily be placed with clients in demand. The key for the candidate all the same, the securing of his course!

Social skills, the keystone of recruitment

Today, there is no sector that would prevent a young person from finding work because the secret lies in motivation. If the youngster is determined, he will find it. The number 1 criterion to be employable is interpersonal skills (politeness, punctuality, commitment), today this tends to be 70% of recruitment and the rest can be learned. This reality comes to us from the Anglo-Saxon world, and encourages us to leave the boxes and French diplomas. These are the famous soft skills: “I am motivated so I can learn; if tomorrow I have to do another job, I will. “

For example, currently we are able to employ people from the restaurant business; they have been positioned in handling and people from events are very popular in aluminum carpentry (due to the expertise they may have on trade fair assembly / disassembly). This proves to us that the interim allows us to build bridges, because it takes more risk. He must go quickly because he manages the emergency and since it is a question of short missions to be extended, the situation is not blocking as for a CDD or CDI. What obviously follows is that the interim gives a chance to many.

Interim, between agility and adaptability, ideal for a generation enamored of freedom

One of the arguments of choice of the interim is also its very nature, which does not displease young people fond of freedom and flexibility. When the candidate has a good background and a strong motivation, he can consider doing a few months of interim, stop to go about his projects and then put the foot in the stirrup with the interim again. And in a period when some do not really want to be long-term, it allows you to work a few months and spend the period calmly without too much planning.

In addition, in agencies there are very well paid positions, long contracts, and in which young people can have fun, with qualified missions. There are several advantages: mutual insurance, meal vouchers and 13th month bonus if the company has one, ie the same advantages as permanent employees.

Finally, the message I would like to send to young people is the following: if you cannot find a job at the moment, do not be discouraged and push the door of a temporary employment agency! It is a certainty, you will find work because there is, the period is strong. Take off your blinders and erase your beliefs, acting can give you a chance and believe in yourself.