Gérald Darmanin supports Nicolas Sarkozy and Blanquer whistleblower. The 6 p.m. of March 2, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr – EconomieMatin

Gérald Darmanin supports Nicolas Sarkozy and Blanquer whistleblower. Back to the political news of Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Nicolas Sarkozy supported by Gérald Darmanin

The conviction of Nicolas Sarkozy in the context of the so-called wiretapping has caused much ink to flow and has led to numerous reactions from politicians on all sides. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, supports the former president, drawing the wrath of the left.

During a trip to Alès, the minister declared: “ Everyone knows the affection, the respect I have for Nicolas Sarkozy, who was a great President of the Republic, and who, in these difficult times, obviously has my friendly support “. A declaration which did not fail to react on the policies of the left.

The First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure was satisfied with a dry but effective ” No comment “. On the EEVL side, Sandra Regol denounces the difference in media treatment: ” In France, if you are condemned but you have power, you are therefore supported by a government minister. Two weights, two measures. Again and again “.

Jean-Michel Blanquer whistleblower on racial issues at university

Guest of France Inter, Tuesday March 2, 2021, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, spoke about racial issues at the university. He felt he was sort of a whistleblower on the subject.

What is certain is that the phenomenon has grown, it is desirable to be a bit of a whistleblower on this subject, what i ended up maybe a little bit saying what i said and i think it’s important “.

Marine Le Pen wants Nicolas Sarkozy’s political return

The president of the National Rally and presidential candidate, Marine le Pen, reacted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 on Europe 1 to the conviction of Nicolas Sarkozy. Marine Le Pen believes that ” the conversation between a lawyer and his client is sacred (…) I think it is a question of the good administration of justice but also of democracy “. The candidate also criticized the court seized in this case considering that it had become “ lthe opposition prosecutor’s office “.

On another subject, Marine Le Pen declared that despite the conviction, “ If Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to be a presidential candidate, he must be, he should be despite the conviction which I remind you is not final ” encouraging the latter’s return to politics.

François Asselineau placed in police custody for sexual harassment and sexual assault

According to information from Point, the former presidential candidate, François Asselineau, was taken into custody to be auditioned for acts of moral harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

François Asselineau proclaims his innocence and denounces for his part a ” tissue of lies and slander, stink balls “With the sole aim of harming him before the 2022 presidential election.