Getting a puppy home: 8 tips to put in place

The arrival of a puppy is an event to be prepared for because the change of environment can be difficult to live with. For the reception and adaptation to be successful, you must make yourself available but also learn about the character of the animal. Here are all our tips to prepare for the arrival of a puppy and start a new life smoothly!

1 – Getting to know the puppy

Before the small dog arrives in your home, you can visit and get to know him. Depending on the breed of the animal but also its personality, you will know how to prepare for its arrival. Some dogs are playful and fearless, others are calm and cuddly. The more you adapt to his character and therefore to his needs, the more you will facilitate his arrival and therefore his integration into your home. In addition, by getting to know your dog, you will have less difficulty finding the right name for him!

2 – Secure your interior

Before your small dog arrives at your house, you must secure your interior. Puppies are unpredictable. In addition to doing damage, they can injure themselves. Make sure electrical wires and chemicals are out of reach. If you have green plants, find out about their toxicity and if necessary place them in height. Be careful with fragile and brittle objects, but also with stairs. If you do not want your puppy to go into the bedrooms or upstairs, you must block access upon arrival. To do this, it is enough to place barriers.

3 – Be present and available the first days

It’s the big day! Your puppy is coming to you. Don’t make the mistake of leaving him alone when he arrives. The little dog is having a hard time. He leaves his mother and the other puppies in the litter, he changes his environment and must take on new habits. You must be present the first days but also make yourself available. Your puppy will seek your presence and especially your attention. This step is decisive for its adaptation.

4 – Offer food adapted to your needs

Most often, it is weaning that determines when the puppy leaves its mother to go to its new home. That doesn’t mean he can eat like any dog. The food offered must be perfectly adapted to its needs and in particular to its age, and sometimes to its size or its breed.

For the composition of the meals, it is quite possible to offer croquettes. The recipes are designed for puppies and therefore perfectly balanced. It is also possible to prepare meals for the small dog. In this case, it is important to balance them by respecting the following ratio: 1/3 meat, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 starches.

Your puppy should have a eating area with proper bowls. Whether in stainless steel or ceramic, they are stable and perfectly adapted to the mouth of the dog. Make sure that this space is clean and especially that your dog always has a bowl of fresh water at his disposal.

5 – Install a comfortable bed

In addition to the corner dedicated to meals, you must provide a resting area for your dog. This must be in a quiet part of the house and not in a passageway. It must consist of a comfortable bed, suitable for the size and weight of the animal. This space should be clean and uncluttered to ensure the well-being of your pet.

6 – Provide games

A puppy has a tendency to do damage. To reduce the risk, you can provide them with chew toys. For safety reasons, provide dog toys and not stuffed animals or toys intended for children. Each toy should be relatively flexible so that the small dog does not injure itself. We must also ensure that it is up to standards and therefore non-toxic.

7 – Organize many walks

A puppy is seldom clean by the time it arrives at home. This is why, in addition to being patient, it is important to plan many walks during the first weeks. Know that a dog needs to go outside. If you don’t have a garden, you need to organize yourself so that it can get fresh air every day to relieve itself and move around.

8 – Pamper and cuddle without moderation

A puppy is a baby! Of course, you have to educate him, but you have to do it with a lot of affection. The goal is to reduce stress. So that the adaptation goes as well as possible and that everyone benefits from this new life, cuddle and pamper your animal. This one will be reassured and will give you a lot of affection in return.

The arrival of a puppy in his home is a big step in his life and in yours. Preparing well allows you to start a beautiful friendship with your pet in all serenity.