Gibert Joseph is preparing to lay off 71 people

The Gibert Joseph bookstore group is preparing to close four of its iconic stores on Place Saint-Michel in Paris. Closures that will result in the dismissal of 71 people.

The closure will result in the dismissal of 71 people

Four Gibert Jeune bookstores, taken over in 2017 by Gibert Joseph, will close their doors at Place Saint-Michel in Paris. Already badly developed, the group received the coup de grace with the Covid-19 health crisis. The two stores on Quai Saint-Michel will continue to exist and one of them, due to its acquisition by the City of Paris, will continue to sell books.

The two groups Gibert Joseph and Gibert Jeune had separated in 1929, before the first took over the second in 2017. Indeed, Gibert Jeune was at that time in a bad patch and had been placed in receivership. On December 4, 2020, the group formalized its job-saving plan, announcing the elimination of 80 jobs. The takeover by the semi-public company Semaest on behalf of the City of Paris of the store at 27 quai Saint-Michel, however, saved nine jobs, reducing the PSE to 71 layoffs instead of 80.

The Gibert group enters into a logic of dismantling

The massive layoffs plan worries all the more employees as the average age of the latter is high, leaving little room for a return to work quickly. In the spring of 2020, Gibert had mentioned a project for an intermediate-sized bookstore in the inner suburbs that could lead to three to four bookstore positions. Employees retort that “ What is concrete are the closures! “.

For Rémy Frey, CGT delegate of Gibert Joseph and member of the CSE, the Gibert group is losing out. “We are entering a phase of dismantling the group, since the managers are closing the stores before the renewal of commercial leases. Little by little, things are falling apart ”

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