Gold is falling, why is it important? Buying opportunity or sustainable turnaround? – EconomyMorning

What has been happening for the past 15 days? The markets are playing to scare each other with the return of inflation.

It could even justify a serious stock market correction, which central banks could perfectly well let go, but… it will not change the big picture.

Rates cannot rise or remain high on a lasting basis without causing the generalized insolvency of economic players all over the world.

Why ?

Because there is simply too much debt.

So in the coming days, this little interest rate fear game may continue.

However, price stability will no longer be the alpha and omega of central banks.

Now the world needs inflation, so we will have inflation.

We are entering a new phase, that of inflation.

In a world of inflation, anti-inflation assets will rise.

Debt-based assets like bonds will go down.

The productive will win.

The unproductive will lose.

It is all these subjects that the drop in gold reveals and that you find in this video.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !