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E-commerce has become a reflex for a majority of the population. 87.5% of Internet users today make their daily purchases online: nearly 39 million French. (1) But Internet users do not necessarily go to all e-commerce sites before buying ! As with physical stores, it is essential for merchants to meet their consumers and stand out by promoting their offers.

Comparators and good deals sites are a solution that is still too often neglected by e-merchants, while their platforms aggregate products… and buyers. However, the latter, much appreciated by Internet users, can open up unprecedented opportunities for professionals.

An answer to the criterion of choice n ° 1: the price

The price is the first factor triggering the act of purchase. Good deals community sites bring together Internet users specifically looking for good deals: this is an opportunity for companies to position themselves effectively on the number 1 criterion of choice for consumers, in a place where this message will find its place. .

Unlike the sites of impersonal comparators, the sites of good community plans operate on a spirit of recommendation and mutual aid which allows, from a simple promotion, to trigger a discussion around a product, a brand, ‘a service. A much greater gain in visibility than a simple positioning in a grid.

Internet users’ exchanges can also serve as a field survey. The members of these communities rigorously evaluate the offers that are offered to them and can point out faults in the service, advantages in competitors, points for improvement … All elements that can allow a salesperson to improve its value proposition and differentiate itself based on feedback from consumers.

A more qualified audience than social networks

The audience of these sites is particularly suited to the promotion of an ongoing commercial operation. Alerted and motivated, visitors go there to shop: it is an effective lever to create instant enthusiasm.

Unlike social networks, on this type of site, good deals hunters are more receptive to commercial solicitations. This is the opportunity for companies to reach out to a more captive, more relevant and more interested audience. Salespeople can give a detailed product talk there, without worrying about tiring their audience. The hunters of good plans are on the contrary curious to compare the offers and the products and are in demand of this type of information.

These sites also make it possible to create dynamics around off-season products. They operate outside of seasonality with Internet users who are already in the process of buying, looking for the good deal, or the nugget. Good deals sites initiate the purchase decision and display very high conversion rates.

A new way to reach a mass audience?

While the Climate and Resilience Bill (2) provides that the distribution of prospectuses is only authorized to individuals who have indicated their agreement on their letterbox, sectors such as mass distribution must find new channels to communicate. Food in particular needs to reach local consumers quickly in order to sell its stocks. Good deals sites are a practical alternative to prospectuses and flyers: they list offers online but also in physical stores, while gathering very large audiences.

Product launch operations can also benefit from this channel. Their event aspect, even apart from reduced prices, can enthuse good plan hunters. For example, an availability announcement can have a “treasure hunt” effect, depending on the rarity of the product. This is the case with the PS5 console, which has been in great demand for several months.

Finally, because of their large community, it is easier to reach certain niche audiences who do not necessarily consult the more traditional networks, for example with strong communities of gamers. These specialists are fond of good deals sites on which they can find nuggets but also discuss their passion.

By fitting into this type of environment, brands can showcase their offerings, while getting closer to their most informed fans, who are keen on information. Thanks to this strategy, a seller can benefit from a new effective promotion channel but also work on his image.

1 Source: FEVAD 2020 ranking of e-commerce sites in number of customers.

2 Bill n ° 3875 on the fight against climate change and strengthening resilience in the face of its effects