Google fined 220 million euros for abuse of dominant position

The large American firm is accused of having promoted its own services in the online advertising sector. Google promises not to repeat it and is committed to finding solutions to improve competition.

Google condemned for anti-competitive practices

The French Competition Authority (Adlc) announced in a press release Monday, June 7, 2021 order Google to pay a fine of 220 million euros for anti-competitive practices. The French body accuses the American giant of abusing its dominant position in the display of advertisements on websites.

“The Authority noted that Google has granted preferential treatment to its proprietary technologies offered under the Google Ad Manager brand , said the Adlc. The Californian group did not dispute the facts specifies the press release and the amount of the fine was decided in the context of a transaction procedure with Google.

An unprecedented decision

In addition to resolving to pay the fine, Google has reached an agreement with the Competition Authority to offer a number of solutions aimed at improving the online advertising industry. “We will test and develop these modifications in the coming months, before rolling them out more widely, some of which are on a global scale”, said Maria Gomri, legal director of Google France in a reaction posted on the company’s blog.

Concretely it is unpublished because “This is the first decision in the world to look at the complex algorithmic auction processes by which online display advertising works” (which is displayed on the screens of Internet users), underlined the president of the Competition Authority, Isabelle de Silva, in a press conference.

In addition, this decision of the Aldc clearly shows that the American giant is not untouchable. Indeed, this condemnation paves the way for legal proceedings by actors who believe they have suffered from anti-competitive practices, in order to claim damages.