Google fined $267 million for abuse

Google fined $267 million for abusing its “dominant position” in online advertising

The French competition watchdog has fined Google 220 million euros ($267 million) for abusing its market power in the online advertising industry.

The French competition watchdog assessed, nvery serious behavior of Google has affected competition in the emerging online advertising market.

The French competition watchdog on June 7 asserted that Google had provided unfair and discriminatory services to its competitors. The agency said Google has agreed to pay the fine and stop some of its self-indulgent practices.

The results of the investigation show that Google has favored their DFP ad server, allowing content publishers on websites and apps to sell their ad space, and the SSP platform allows direct participation. into the RTB real-time ad auction.

The French competition watchdog said Google’s competitors and content publishers were the ones who suffered the consequences.

Isabelle de Silva, president of the French competition watchdog, said the decision to sanction Google was the first in the world to “consider the complex algorithmic auction processes by which the online advertising model works”. “.

The president of the French competition watchdog said the investigation revealed the processes by which Google prioritizes itself over its competitors across ad servers and vendor-side platforms. These are software used by publishers to manage, sell and optimize ad space on their websites and mobile apps.

“These very serious acts have affected competition in the emerging online advertising market and helped Google not only maintain but also increase its dominant position,” said Ms.

“This sanction and these commitments will help re-establish a level playing field for all parties and publishers’ ability to make the most of their ad space,” she said. Silva added.

Google announced on its blog today June 7 that it will be making a series of changes to its advertising technology.

“We recognize the role of ad technology in enabling access to content and information, and are committed to working with regulators and investing in new products and new technologies to content publishers have more choices and better results when using our platform,” wrote Maria Gomri, Google’s legal director for France.

The investigation of Google was conducted after the US media empire News Corp, the French newspaper Le Figaro, the Belgian traditional group Rossel filed a complaint against Google.

Earlier, the Italian Competition Supervisory Authority also fined Google 102 million euros (equivalent to 123 million USD) for abusing the dominance of the Android mobile operating system and the Google Play app store. “Through the Android operating system and the Google Play app store, Google has a dominant position, giving the company control over the extent to which other app developers can reach end users,” the regulator said. Italian competition supervisor mentioned in the announcement on May 13.

Italy’s competition watchdog says Google has blocked the way JuicePass, an electric vehicle service app from energy company Enel X, works on top of Android Auto, a platform that allows other apps to be used while driving. . The Italian side believes that it is unfair for Google to limit JuicePass access to Android Auto while the company prioritizes Google Maps.

European regulators are squeezing some of the biggest US tech companies out of concern that they have too much power over Europe’s 700 million-strong market.

Last week, regulators in the UK and Europe launched two exclusive investigations into Facebook. Over the years, the European Commission (EC) has conducted investigations into Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The UK Markets and Competition Authority has also been investigating Google and Apple since they became an independent regulator in January 2021 after Brexit.