Governance: why speak of incompetence? – EconomyMorning

Is it still useful to remember that no one can escape in their daily action the supreme qualifier which can be summed up in a simple observation ofincompetence ? Private or public governance masks this deep evil in favor of largely abusive political correctness. Deception is rampant, the media and public opinion is fooled. Politics, especially in power, has freed itself from it. He cultivates it and maintains it. It’s an art “.

Sticking to the definition of the word, it comes down to a short statement: Who does not have sufficient knowledge to judge, to decide on a thing. “ A supplement suggests that the person involved does not have the knowledge and experience required to act. In everyday life or at work, it suffices to open your eyes to be convinced of the place held by incompetence in our society. And yet? We all tend to forget that this incapacity wreaks havoc at all levels of responsibility in all circumstances.

Managing incompetence

Dealing with incompetence is an art intended to satisfy one’s own ambitions. This serves above all to compensate for a lack of experience and an inability to decide. Incompetence has always been recognized as a profound evil, shared by the whole planet. It does not spare France which suffers deeply in its structure, in the roots of a nomenklatura of senior officials in charge of the future of the country and this in all areas of activity.

Incompetence most often characterizes a collective failure in relation to a promise, a false announcement, a hoped-for result without follow-up. The judgment is general. It includes the client, the client, the project manager and the team responsible for the realization, even if the circumstances were not favorable. All are complicit in this incompetence. Individually, the qualifier is more direct, it attacks the actor. We are talking about incompetent.

The responsible person is blamed, without specifying the reasons. We mention in the head the lack of knowledge and inexperience, by qualifying the remarks and by trying to find excuses: the lack of means and support of the decision maker, perhaps himself underestimating the expected difficulties. No, no set, no organization. The generalized proliferation of this deep evil becomes worrying especially when it contributes at all levels to support the decision-making interventions of the State, in the Public as in the Private.

Do not sacrifice competence in the service of “powers”

Talking about the failure and inexperience of the women and men who surround power is commonplace and common. Should we still be careful not to equate these differences solely with incompetence? Certainly not. The interpretation of behavior is more subtle. The actors can be competent and forced to dispense with their opinion. However, the perception of facts, acts and announcements is more cruel and the feeling is fatal, to the appreciation of observers, people concerned and sometimes public opinion. Incompetence is only justified with regard to the result. This can be ignored or maintained out of habit. The revelation of this handicap as its consequences depend on its impact on public opinion, relayed by the media in the service of their guardians. Enough of sacrificing our immense reserves of competence which France has at its disposal.