Government and citizens: the big misunderstanding – economymorning

The role of government seems very poorly understood by citizens – whether we are talking about the left or the right. And meanwhile, the future is suffering …

We try to to summarize… and clarify …

What do we know today ?

We have known one thing for a long time anyway: the institution of government, in a modern democracy, is poorly understood.

Children are made to believe from an early age that this is an expression of “the will of the people”.

It is nothing like that.

No matter what you call it, there are always those who lead and those who follow. In the United States, in 2021, followers have not suddenly become leaders … and never will.

The elites agree on one point …

The “voters” have influence, of course. But very little.

They can choose an empty suit and tie over another. At the margin, they can vaguely push the government to build walls… to change the national anthem… or even to cut taxes.

Important policies – war or peace, spending or savings – are decided by insiders … the enlightened elites of theestablishment, which include millions of people spread across the media, academia, bureaucracy, lobbyists, backwater, Deep state… And even members of Congress.

These people – who represent between 1% and 10% of the American population – are the rich and the powerful.

Even though they fight furiously with each other on a wide range of subjects, they all agree on one point – which dooms the nation …

They represent the pretty, juicy apples at the top of the pile. The last thing they want is for someone to knock over the basket!

In other words, whatever they say … substantive changes are precisely what they refuse … and that they will not allow.

The more their wealth and power come to depend on brute force (Gestapo… secret police… death squads… gulags…) or fraudulent currency (dollars taken from the printing press), the more society as a whole goes against problems.

As we have seen throughout history, they will use all means – theft, “disappearances” of citizens, torture and forgery – to ensure that tomorrow looks as much as possible like yesterday.

“Them against us”

People want simple explanations and even simpler solutions.

Millions of years of conflict – mainly between tribes – have produced a ‘them against us’ instinct.

Democrats believe that now that their man is in the White House, for example, things will be much better. Republicans, on the other hand, suspect everything is going wrong.

A really silly article by David Leonhardt in the New York Times tried to add a veneer of pseudo-factual analysis to this “them versus us” dynamic. He tries to show that the US economy has generally performed better under a Democratic government than under a Republican administration.

He even claims that there was scientific, or at least statistical, evidence of this. Going back to World War II, he suggests to his readers that such a large amount of data, over so many years, could absolutely not be wrong.

The problem, as we’ll see on Monday, is that the whole thing is wrong… from start to finish.

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