Government is all of us … really? – EconomyMorning

In the words of Joe Biden, the government is the citizens – but its actions (stimulus plan in mind) demonstrate on the contrary that it is the elites who govern, to their own advantage.

“There will not always be enlightened statesmen at the helm. “

– James Madison

“We must remember,” said Joe biden, “That the government is not some foreign force in a distant capital. No, it’s all of us. All of us. “

We don’t remember making any decision for the government … or having any influence on any decision made by the government. No one asked us for our opinion, and our vote had no consequences. Apparently “all of us” do not include us.

Rather, decisions are made by others – lobbyists, legislative helpers, bureaucrats, charlatans and cronies. It was they, for example, who wrote the 600 pages of the last “American Emergency Plan”.

How could they be expected to neglect to rescue the people who matter most to them – themselves?

Every penny of this $ 1.9 trillion will go in someone’s pocket. Ordinary taxpayers will receive part of it … but also researchers from the National Science Foundation, artists from the National Arts Fund … the people who deal with environmental issues in poor areas… those who manage Amtrak… and so on.

A billion here, a billion there… and soon, most of those who matter to the government were taken care of. Despite all the pennies thrown at the miserable crowds, the real money continues to flow to the insiders.

In Biden’s stimulus package, for example, $ 520 billion goes to 90% of the eligible audience. The rest – $ 1.5 trillion – is shared among those with good lobbyists.

” All of us ” ? By far not.

And here is what to remember, dear reader.

Wealth and privileges

The government has one – and only one – main objective: to help the elites retain their wealth and privileges. Everyone else is pawns… statistics… or useful idiots. Fortunately for the authorities, there are millions of them.

And in this Bubble era, Americans are willing to believe that they can all live at someone else’s expense.

Some 70% of the American population would approve of the latest general benefit round – perhaps not realizing that this money has to come from somewhere… their pockets, most of the time.

There is no other source. Even the money from the printing press has to be accounted for at one point or another. What the government gives, in other words, it must also take… and in greater quantity (so that those who control it can carve out a nice margin).

This does not mean that a government cannot have useful functions. But everything he does, at all times, is subordinate to his main role : to keep the rich and powerful keep getting richer and more powerful.

This is the secret to understanding the last 20 years. The authorities have been doing stupid things …

But they weren’t stupid “for all of us”. Only for the majority of citizens.

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