Government that does not raise taxes thinks of taxing retirees more

We will not raise taxes “: This is the leitmotif declaimed and repeated by the entire government when the question of financing the Relance France plan arises. One way to reassure the French when this plan consists of debt and debts will one day have to be repaid. But in reality increases are indeed planned …

Will the financing of dependency be done by increasing taxes?

The government has not decided anything and these tracks do not concern the France Recovery plan and its financing, so in a sense it will be true that it will not be financed by a tax hike. But the government must also find some 6 billion euros to finance the fifth branch of Social Security dedicated to addiction and that it is in the process of implementing.

Suddenly, Laurent Vachey, Inspector General of Finance, made his calculations and proposed solutions to find these substantial sums. Among these, one could well create some conflicts … especially since the pension reform is still a source of tension and opposition: increase taxes on pensions.

Increase the CSG on all pensions …

The document, which will be studied, provides several avenues: an increase in the CSG on all pensions to reduce it from 8.3% to 9.2% (the rate paid by assets) in order to recover € 780 million.

The government could also increase the share of non-deductible CSG in pensions (so there too it would be an increase in taxes on pensions) or even reduce the reduction ceiling on the income of retirees.

Other taxes on companies or employees

Laurent Vachey does not spare companies and employees either when it comes to looking for ways to free up sums: an idea put forward in his report is that of an increase in the CSA (Contribution of solidarity of autonomy) paid by the company or the elimination of certain reductions on high wages.

And the employees? They are not forgotten : Laurent Vachey proposes to establish a second day of solidarity, which amounts to taxing all employees in France the equivalent of a day’s salary.

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