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Green economy and nightmare – EconomyMorning

Joe Biden has ambitious green and recovery plans. Problem: it will cost money… and this money can only be found in one place – in the pockets of taxpayers.

News on CBS News:

“President Biden has pledged that the United States will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. He made the announcement on Thursday at the Virtual Leaders’ Climate Summit, a two-day global meeting of more than 40 leaders from around the world and hosted by the White House.

In his opening speech, Biden said the United States could meet the emissions reduction target through its Jobs Plan, a $ 3 trillion infrastructure package to revitalize the network. energy and to create a “zero emissions” economy. “

This is an end. An objective. It is touted as “good intention,” something the Biden Gang find so important that they are willing to sacrifice a good chunk of the wealth of their constituents to build it.

Yes, these “big changes” will cost money. But the authorities, whoever they are, have only one recourse to find money: the pockets of citizens like you.

You might say, “But no… this money, they’ll just ‘print’ it. “

Except that at the end of the day, every fake bill is a debt in terms of real resources and real time, which are limited.

The people who will install wind turbines will not be cooking hamburgers. The steel used for the turbines will not be used to build cars. And the savings put to work on the project will not be used to create new profitable sectors, new jobs and new wealth.

Such “noble” goals …

Real increase in wealth – real progress, in other words – does not need government money. He gets his funding honestly.

There are, for example, 115,000 gas stations in the United States. As far as we know, none of them have been implemented with “public” money. They were always win-win deals, built to make money, not to take it. People bought fuel to improve their lives.

Likewise, charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) could be built as part of normal economic activity; it could even be profitable.

The situation is so urgent, however, that the normal rules that allow us to move forward – the win-win agreements that are the foundations of a civilized society – will be automatically sidelined.

Civilization is a process. It is not an end in itself. It’s a discovery… an adventure. It is the journey, not the destination. We move forward, never knowing exactly where we are going – until we get there.

Good souls always think they know where they are going. They set their good intentions like landmarks on the Trail of Tears – and force everyone to follow suit.

Yes, at the time – in the 1830s – this was seen as a noble design: to drive the Cherokee and Chickasaw people out of the southwestern United States into the “Indian territories” (present-day Oklahoma).


“The signs are clear, the science is undeniable, and the cost of inaction continues to climb,” Biden said.

Zero carbon emissions! Inflation at 2%!

In 1693, they knew that Salem would be better off hanging the witches. The rulers of Germany in 1939 knew they would be better off if they had more Lebensraum.

And wouldn’t the working classes get better, asked the Bolsheviks, if we abolished private property to create a worker’s paradise? Of course yes !

There’s always a scam… a crime or a scam involved. But it’s still all justified by the Noble Purpose… the goal… the end.

From dream to nightmare

Biden’s green team wants to install 500,000 of these EV charging stations. Who will pay them? Taxpayers, most likely… one way or another.

The authorities are already giving a tax credit of $ 30,000 to places that install these commercial loading stations. This tax loss must of course be compensated – mainly by people who “don’t get it”… people who, on the other hand, don’t drive EVs.

Tax… print… borrow… spend. Every penny put to work on Biden’s Green Dream must be taken from someone else’s dream.

And every good intention – when it relies on the government, its power and its easy trigger – becomes a nightmare.

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