Green Khmers and children’s dreams! – EconomyMorning

Children’s dreams belong only to our children, and certainly not to Ecologie les Verts …

This sentence is not mine but Bruno the Mayor, the Minister of the Economy.

It refers to the projection of the green mayoress of Poitiers it seems to me, but no matter the city, the important thing is the drunkenness is not it, not the bottle.

In essence, the green mayor of Poitiers therefore explained learnedly that it was necessary to control and change the dreams of our children, especially those who had their heads in the stars and in the clouds and who dreamed of airplanes.

That’s the problem with progressivism and ecology.

This is exactly it with the Green Khmer who must be designated exactly for who they are. Not ecologists in love with humanity, good feelings and love, but little fascists, potentially violent, who think they think better than you, who think of humanity as a cancer for the planet, and who far from love, are in reality filled with hatred towards man.

They all know better how to think well.

They know better than you how to dream well.

It is from the 38th minute.

Make no mistake about green ideology.

It is disastrous.

It involves and carries in itself immense dangers and will inevitably lead us towards new camps of recovery, towards new gulags where we “will help” the children to dream better.

It was the very functioning of the Hitler Youth.

It was the very DNA of communist youth.

Obviously we have to take care of our common home and our environment. Obviously this is not an option but an economic, moral, political, social obligation.

But, we must be careful not to let the ecology become a dictatorship and the ecologists the little Green Khmers who will change by force, the dreams of the children.

The Mayor’s response on this subject is the right one, and no, it is not just political politics, there is a real ideological and intellectual fault line.

On the one hand, those who think that we must continue to develop ourselves by creating innovative solutions where we can fly without polluting, and others who believe that the dreams of children must be changed.

Flying, the oldest dream of mankind.

It is something that Bruno le Maire did not put into perspective in this program.

Flying is the oldest dream of mankind.

Who does not remember the mythology and Icarus, who does not remember all those who gave up their lives following this dream.

Who does not remember the marvelous drawings of Da Vinci’s flying machines?

Flying is the oldest dream of mankind.

What this mayoress says is that she wants to oppose the oldest dreams of humanity.

What this mayoress is saying is that she wants to control what every man, woman and child on this planet has most precious, her dreams.

The dream, the source of creative energy

What this mayoress says is that she wants to castrate, break, destroy, the most beautiful of the creative energies of humanity which is that of dreams.

Everything starts from dreams, because everything that can be dreamed can be imagined.

Anything that can be imagined can be undertaken.

Our world is just a huge imaginary fiction to which billions of us adhere to.

This fiction is only the result and the consequence of the dreams carried and made concrete by our fathers and the fathers of our fathers.

The world is only the consequence of the fabulous energy of our dreams.

Never, “they” deserved the nickname of Green Khmers so much.

Never has it been so necessary to fight this deadly ideology.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !