Green: what symbolism for this color? What associations in decoration?

In a decoration in green colors, do you feel good? Does the atmosphere seem pleasant to you? It is quite simply that this natural and harmonious color reminds us of nature. In this, green has a calming effect. Especially since green has multiple shades and these can be associated with many other colors. So head for the meadows and the forest: relaxation is guaranteed!

Since the color green is made up of yellow and blue, it has a very wide color spectrum – from lime green to apple green to dark fir green.

What colors go with green?

The color green is said to have a calming effect, which is why it is suitable for any room and any decor style. Because of its many shades – starting with delicate mint green or brilliant apple green to mysterious navy blue-green – green tones harmonize with all other colors. It always depends on the shade of green to combine. Its complementary color – red – is predestined to be associated with green, because together they naturally create great contrasts. Light mint green can be paired perfectly with bright yellow, while orange always pairs well with forest green. As for green and blue, they blend perfectly, even if sometimes means the opposite. You will understand, the color green is a real asset in terms of association, which is why you can easily associate the palette of greens from floor to ceiling. Take your favorite shade of green and dare to try bolder combinations you’ve never tried before.

Combine green with yellow

Whether your room is casual or rather elegant, it doesn’t matter: green and yellow are a color combination that you can always wear. Whether emerald green, bottle green or spring green: accessories and furniture in different shades of green always go well with yellow decoration! The yellow-green color is reminiscent of young leaves and shoots of fresh plants, lush grass and the awakening of nature. It is the symbol of emerging hope.

Combine green with blue

Can you combine green and blue? Yes ! Some people try to discourage this association, yet if you choose the right shades, this association will be the most beautiful effect.

Combine green and red

Red and green are complementary colors and together create strong contrasting associations. Just think of the Christmas decoration. Dark green and intense red are usually associated with Christmas, which is why this decorative association requires a certain sense of color. To bring dynamism, you can associate one of these solid colors with the other with patterns. You can also – if you like color and contrasts, bet on bright green tones and combine them with strong colors like orange or red, the complementary color of green. But beware! Too much of a bright color in the room can quickly make it appear busy. It is advisable to choose a matt green as the base tone and to associate it with specific touches (accessories for example) of red or orange color.

Combine green with green

What goes with a green wall? A green piece of furniture! Yes Yes. The monochrome pieces are real strong points in decoration: take a fairly light lime green wall with a piece of furniture of a grass green color, and you are immediately in a good mood. Create sets in khaki and immediately you get a very elegant decoration. Besides, khaki is not just a color of camouflage. The khaki color is trendy and it goes perfectly with light pastel colors such as pink, yellow or even sky blue. But you can also stay in monochrome tones because the colors respond to each other and bring a nice consistency.

Combine green with natural colors and materials

Green tones have completely different effects when paired with other colors. Those who like natural ambiences choose green decoration and combine it with warm wood tones. Green therefore goes very well with furniture in ash, pine and oak. And all the soft sand and beige colors also go very well with it: then the rugs and accessories in natural materials such as sisal, seagrass or raffia are yours.

In the end, what color goes with green?

It all depends on whether you choose a bright green tending more towards yellow or tones of green that go towards red or dark brown. To the question “What’s wrong with green?” We can answer that in general, brilliant green tones similar to the color of a lawn and delicate mint green look especially beautiful with yellow, orange or white. Enough to create a good mood decoration and bring sunshine and a smile to the faces of those around you. With rather cold green, you bet on elegance by associating it with brown or dark red.